Aeqai: April/ May 2022 - Editor’s comments

Marlene Steele

Dear Readership 

We have several exciting reviews for you to enjoy in our Spring double posting!

Jon Kamholtz brings us two exhibits from the University of Kentucky Art Museum: Goya’s enigmatic series of etchings Los Disparates from the museum’s permanent collection and the titillating allure of Tom Hido: The Poetry of Darkness.

The Contemporary Art Center dives into Breaking Water: a pool of fourteen contemporary artists explore themes of fluidity, connectivity, the politics of environmental art and feminism, through the eyes of Cynthia Kukla.

Hannah Loew exposes an interesting collaborative with the Visionaries & Voices artists, exhibited as “Cherished”. Photographer Michael Wilson documents this underserved artist community while rewriting the rules of the gallery culture.

Josh Beckelhimer’s review is a provocative teaser—walk with him on Santa Monica boulevard to investigate Kevin Beasley’s vital materials concepts in On Site.

Experience the essence of Spring when floral artistry is combined with artistic expression in Art in Bloom, as reviewed by Eileen Carr and

Laura Hobson takes us to Augusta, Kentucky for their annual festival “Art in the Garden”, along the banks of the Ohio River.

We also remember the brilliant career and spirit of Art Educator and advocate, Dr. Laura Chapman.

As always, we thank you for your continuing support.

Marlene Steele

Editor, Aeqai