Aeqai: July 2022

Editor’s comments

Editor’s Comments

June 2022

The summer season is visiting upon us both the glories of nature and its furies.

In these turbulent times of war, rumors of war, disasters and upheaval, one might enjoy a reasonable respite in the columns posted here that invoke the timelessness of nature’s seasonal cycles. 

Michael Scott’s “Preternatural” at the Cincinnati Museum Center is a must see exhibitions that speaks to the peace and succor of nature’s continual turning. Writer Cole Carothers reviews this major statement by a regional contemporary painter.

The Dayton Art Institute is getting a lot of mileage out of their focus exhibition format. These are small in format, focused in concept, and easy to enjoy.

Consider two focus exhibitions at the Dayton Art Institute reviewed by Eileen Carr.  “Van Gogh and European Landscape,” relates two wonderful Van Gogh paintings from a Swiss collection to concurrent and traditional European landscapes.The “Toshie Japanese Woodblock Print” exhibition invites us to be joyous and delighted in the gifts of the various seasons.

Woodcut prints by Saad Ghosen convey a sociopolitical message in his solo exhibition “Scream and Beyond”. This exhibition at the University of Cincinnati’s Meyers Gallery is reviewed by writer Vaishnavi Ramanathan.

The world of science fiction author Octavia E. Butler is the inspiration for new work in video, installation, sculpture and drawing. American Artist: Shaper of God at the REDCAT gallery in Los Angeles is reviewed by Josh Beckelhimer.

Laura Hobson’s feature column previews the exciting new innovations and inclusive concepts being developed at our own Contemporary Art Center.

We hope you enjoy our June posting and thank you for your support and continued