Editor’s comments

Marlene Steele


Editor’s comments:

In this post, we take you inside the exciting new location for the Manifest Center for the Visual  Arts. Jason Franz will delineate the plans and dreams of the house built by artists in his interview with Laura Hobson. We also review Staged at the Manifest gallery in Walnut Hills.

Kevin T. Kelly  reviews Maintraum: In the Wake, revisiting his personal memories of the dynamic foursome whose collaboration put the roar on Main Street.

Who is that guy who pulls down so many cover illustrations on the New Yorker Magazine—It’s Mark Ulriksen and he’s exhibiting at Studio Kroner in September—Check it out!

Remember Nick Cave’s Soundsuits? Cynthia Kukla walks us through his giant retrospective in Chicago, titled: Forothermore and examines the defining moments that sparked Cave’s groundbreaking and imaginative innovations.

Photographer, curator and critic, William Messer journals his insights and personal experiences in Paris at the 53rd Rencontres (d’Arles), an international photography conference that he has attended since 1976. 

And of course here in Cincinnati, we are in the FotoFocus Tsunami—the largest photography and lens—based art biennial in America, founded here in 2010. Cynthia Kukla submits a brief but tantalizing teaser to whet your appetite for the regional agenda.

We appreciate YOU, our readership for your interest and continuing support!

Marlene Steele

Editor, Aeqai