Fresh Air: Art from the Bernheim Arboretum Review

by Matthew Metzger Fresh Air: Art from the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest at the Ascent Private Capital Management building was curated by Elizabeth Leach of Elizabeth Leach Gallery in Portland Oregon, with direction from Martha Slaughter, Bernheim’s Visual Arts Coordinator.  It presents works by current and past artists in residence at the Bernheim Arboretum, […]

The Burden of Violence

by Regan Brown The Burden of Violence: Todd Pavlisko’s “Crown” at the Cincinnati Art Museum through June 15th. I. Shoot to Thrill. “At 7:45pm I was shot in the left arm by my friend. The bullet was a copper jacket  .22 long rifle. My friend was standing about 15 feet from me.” ―Chris Burden, “Shoot”, […]

Reflections upon Millard Rogers

by Daniel Brown The recent death of Millard Rogers, Director Emeritus of The Cincinnati Art Museum, not only brings back some extremely fond memories for many of us who knew him well, but also reminds me that we are searching now for another director of the art museum.  I am hoping that we can remember […]

Artificial Intelligence: Charles Woodman at Weston Art Gallery

by Keith Banner The basement space at the Weston Art Gallery has always felt claustrophobic and a little spooky to me, like a staged scene in a really serious movie about abduction, no matter what art goes on the walls.  It’s the ceiling that does it, kind of looming over the whole area like a […]

Aeqai Mourns Lily Mulberry

by Daniel Brown We are deeply saddened to let our readers know of the untimely death of Lily Mulberry, who invented and ran a gallery in OTR called 1305 Main. That gallery showed some of the finest exhibitions, mainly of area talent, of any gallery in the region. Lily herself had a very fine eye […]

Why Midcentury Modernism?

by David G. Smith For years a particular painting, sculpture, a piece of jewelry or a piece of furniture was a badge amongst the cognoscenti-modernism was like a secret club. In conjunction with its exhibit, “From the Village to Vogue: The Modernist Jewelry of Art Smith” (Feb. 22, 2014 – May 18,2014), the Cincinnati Art […]

Alice Aycock Review

by Matthew Metzger Alice Aycock’s Super Twister at the University of Cincinnati Medical Science Building Alice Aycock was a seminal presence in the New York avant-garde art scene in the 1970s, and has since continued to create work that simultaneously dissects and combines aspects of monumental sculpture, architecture, science and modern machinery. In stride with […]

The Definitive Contemporary Landscape Show

by Mike Rutledge COVINGTON – Curator Daniel Brown assembled the exhibition called The Definitive Contemporary Landscape to robustly prove a point. “Somebody said to me not too long ago that he found landscapes boring,” Brown said. The art expert offered Brown this reason for his opinion: “Well, they’ve been doing them for 300 years.” Brown […]

Metazoa Exhibit at Popp=d Art

by Shawn Daniell After last month’s lackluster experience at The Carnegie’s Art of Food, I was looking for something a little less mainstream. I was looking for something off the beaten path. I desired something fun and quirky. I’m always searching for new galleries or spaces that don’t see a lot of coverage. During one […]

RECOGNIZED: Contemporary Portraiture

by Fran Watson The Carnegie, April 4 – May 17, 2014 The magnet piece in Recognized: Contemporary Portraiture at the Carnegie Arts Center was definitely “Biker Mice”.  With the same fury seen in Jean-Michel Basquiat’s art, Marci Rosin splashed her signature subject based on the cartoon, “Biker Mice from Mars” with graffiti and speed.  I […]