100 Years From Monday: John Cage: A Centennial with Friends at Carl Solway Gallery

Carl Solway Gallery’s John Cage: A Centennial with Friends celebrates Cage’s 100th birthday by presenting a comprehensive portrait of John Cage, the 20th Century composer, writer, visual artist, and teacher. Clippings, composition scores, diary entries, notes on mycology, and seldom seen visual art stuff an entire room of the gallery showcasing not only how incredibly […]

A Note on Merce Cunningham and John Cage

Editor’s Note: ÆQAI has invited contemporary dance critic and still occasional dancer/teacher Kathy Valin to write for us in an interdisciplinary fashion.  Look for ÆQAI to do more of this kind of crossover writing.  Maria Seda-Reeder’s review of the Nick Cave installation on all three floors of the Cincinnati Art Museum is featured in this […]

Dimension Invention

Jim WillIams  “Hybrid Structures” January 2012 – March 10, 2012 Featuring one of you college professors’ art in your own successful gallery long after graduation must be one of those daydreams of the undergrad, particularly when you have succeeded as an artist in your own right.  Thus, the very happy combination of Jim Williams, U.C […]

"Juxtaposition at the 'Center of the Earth'"

Nick Cave lives up to his hype.  The artist’s sprawling installation/intervention at the Cincinnati Art Museum, “Meet Me at the Center of the Earth” covers all three floors with some thirty-six of Cave’s iconic “Soundsuits,” ten oversized glossy color photos, nine videos, two tondos, and three bears/beavers made from repurposed sweaters (oh my!)  The monumental […]

Side By Side: Choreography and Costumes Compliment Each Other

Author’s Note: Valinkat (aka Kathy Valin) is a blog I created in the summer of 2010. I am currently a freelance writing and editing professional enjoying life in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, when I’m not traveling all over the world with my husband. On Valinkat I regularly post a mix of urban diary, […]

Films in Review

Editor’s note: Some of my most interesting conversations about ÆQAI columns and/or issues raised therein occur between me and Dennis Harrington, the Director of The Weston Art Gallery in The Aronoff Center.  In the fall, we were discussing a review that ÆQAI had published about Alison Crocetta’s exhibition and attendant video at The Weston.  Dennis […]

February Book Review

Every month, ÆQAI will be presenting one book review, generally contemporary fiction, for our readers’ edification and enjoyment .  A lot of back and forth occurs between and amongst novels, the world of film, and visual culture in general.  We begin this series with Love and Shame and Love, a novel by Peter Orner (Little, […]

Idiosyncracies, the Mundane, and More at The Land of Tomorrow

The Land of Tomorrow in Louisville collaborated with Country Club to curate a broad show of many different artists, many of whom are well-known in Cincinnati  (such as Aaron Morse and Jimmy Baker). Only certain artists were given their own individual rooms (The Land of Tomorrow’s group), and are my focus here: Taylor Baldwin, Lisa […]

Marvin Gaye Daydreams: Romare Bearden at the Taft

Romantic and cinematic, the prints and collages in the retrospective “Impressions and Improvisations:  The Prints of Romare Bearden,” (on display at the Taft Museum of Art through April 29, 2012) have a home-brewed flair matched with an aesthete’s precision.  In each piece, Bearden seems to devote all his time and attention to grasping at the […]