Letter From New York: 

Inheritance and Potential

Letter from New York:  Inheritance and Potential   ~ Brett Baker After an autumn spent in the studio and with less time for gallery-going, I have recently been reflecting on several surprising shows from the past summer. The more mainstream of these included Josef Albers’ painterly studies at the Morgan Library, rarely seen works by […]

The CAM: Time For A Dedicated Print Gallery?

The CAM: Time For A Dedicated Print Gallery? ~ Kevin Ott The Cincinnati Art Museum is nearing completion of the former Art Academy building which will house the Mary Schiff Library, offices and other spaces, including a beautiful terrace with outstanding views. Most importantly, this will result in an increase of 15,000 square feet or […]

“Osmosis” Blinded me with Science

“Osmosis” Blinded me with Science ~ Stephen Slaughter Biology Osmosis: A process by which molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one, thus equalizing the concentrations on each side of the membrane. Physics The Pauli Exclusion Principle: The quantum mechanical principle that […]

“Straight from the Soul”

“Straight from the Soul” ~ Christopher Hoeting “Straight from the Soul,” Kevin Cole’s exhibition at the Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Gallery, opened to a warm reception amid Cincinnati’s winter season.  Cole is no stranger to Cincinnati, as indicated by the presence of numerous friendly faces.  I would be remiss if I did not […]

Sorting through 80 Years of Taft History

Sorting through 80 Years of Taft History  ~ Tamara Lenz Muente, Assistant Curator, Taft Museum of Art The Taft Museum of Art celebrated its 80th anniversary on November 29, 2012. To commemorate the occasion, museum staff mined the archives for documents that could illustrate the history of the museum in a way never before seen […]

Geometrically Ordered Design: The Great Eight

Geometrically Ordered Design:  The Great Eight ~ Dustin Pike This is my eighth article pertaining to the design field and its relationship with mathematics. Design in essence cannot be accomplished without specific degrees of control, and almost always has a definitive point to make. How well the ‘point’ can be made is attributed to how […]

Review, Frank Satogata at Xavier University Art Gallery

Review, Frank Satogata at Xavier University Art Gallery ~ Jane Durell The surest antidote to a bleak winter day could be the joyous exhibition of paintings and prints by Frank Satogata at the Xavier University Art Gallery now through February 15. Satogata loves color as surely as Romeo loved Juliet, but with happier consequences. He […]

PulP Art: Exploring Paper as an artistic medium

PulP Art: Exploring Paper as an artistic medium  ~ Shawn Daniell Paper had its beginnings sometime around AD 105 in China and has become a staple in many facets of our lives. But if you can’t look beyond paper’s basic uses such as a writing surface, advertisement materials, product packaging, or books, then you’re blinding […]

Hick And Willie At The Art Institute

Hick And Willie At The Art Institute ~ James Cummins   Hick:  “Seeing paintings by Beckman and Matisse, one understands the S/M dance of Germany and France a little better, ‘eef yoo pleece.’ ”   Willie: “All the kids seem to love Monet— and if someone insists on trumpeting him, well, I say, heck, let […]

THE NUDE: Self & Others

THE NUDE: Self & Others ~ Marlene Steele This year’s Lexington Art League Nude show exhibits portraiture and figurative work with a marked emphasis on conceptual undercurrents of personal and sexual identity, the body as object, the body as experience, societal pressures, politics and violence. The first hall presents a series of figure wall hangings […]