Articulating Ideas: the Poster Art of Luba Lukova (Luba Lukova: Designing Justice at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Cincinnati, to March 22, 2022)

The history of poster art and/or the “art poster” is surprisingly short, beginning with French lithographers in the 1880s, often produced by artists trained as painters, yet created for commercial ends: advertising a product, place, service or event. From this point of view, not much has changed. But posters have also been used to express […]

But the Box has 6

Manifest Gallery’s current exhibition The Five Themes Project is an expansive undertaking; not unlike re-inventing the Whole Earth Catalog. This time, however, it’s not about self-sufficiency and ecology but perceptions about the world and mankind’s relationship with it. The five themes – Wilderness→ Rural→ Suburban→ Urban→ Post-Urban – are installed as a somewhat chronological survey […]

Lyrics in Vases

Kwan Jin Oh’s “Emptying and Filling”, on view at Kate Oh Gallery from January 1 –  30, 2022, teeters on intermedia, balancing formal prowess with poetic lyricism. This is evident in how Jin Oh’s paintings, each of which display ceramic moon jars, cleverly play with dimensionality and photorealism, albeit without allowing for any one facet to overdetermine […]

Ralston Crawford: Air + Space + War

The aero-dynamic legacy of Dayton, Ohio is the backdrop of the current exhibition at the Dayton Art Institute documenting the career and art of artist/illustrator Ralston Crawford, Entitled Air + Space + War, the exhibition divides this documentation into three areas of focus: Crawford’s photography and aviation background, the development of visual spacial language and […]

“Caution Kneeling Bus”: Rachel Harrison’s Artistic Remediation

The night before I went to Regen Projects in Hollywood to see Rachel Harrison’s Caution Kneeling Bus, a friend and I watched John McTiernan’s 1987 film Predator. In that extravagant action film, Arnold Schwarzenegger and a band of gnarled soldiers face off against a veiled alien figure in a Central American jungle while attempting to complete a Heart of […]