A Humane Touch in Product Placement

Over the last year, Thunder-Sky, Inc. has been probing visual culture vis-à-vis consumers, products, and marketing, as this year’s theme has revolved around “Product Placement,” with the gallery presenting exhibitions that frame production and commerce. Certain shows over the last year at this gallery have been right on the mark regarding pop art aesthetics and […]

Traipsing Ballroom Halls

Carl Solway Gallery’s director Michael Solway has organized the first installation of video art and kinetic sculptures at Cincinnati’s newly and ornately restored Memorial Hall ballrooms. The intermedia exhibition, titled Body Language, features a myriad of carnal moving images and works by Detroit artist Cynthia Greig and Cincinnati natives Rachel Rampleman and Alan Rath. The […]

Ivan Ivanov at the Eva Ferris Gallery at Thomas More College

One of this summer’s most impressive shows, paintings by Ivan Ivanov, was on display at the Eva Ferris Gallery at Thomas More College.  Ivanov tackles big, heroic themes in his works, which are abstract, reminding us  in many ways of American Abstract Expressionism, but his themes are very much his own and his painterly style […]

Textuality: Art Incorporating Text and Letterforms

For the most part, human beings are a verbal species.  Since time before recorded history, people have utilized language, both written and spoken, to communicate with one another.   The exhibit Textuality : Art Incorporating Text and Letterforms, now on display at Manifest Gallery, sets out to explore the notion of text and wordplay via the […]

Benjamin Cook: History Abridged at Swanson Contemporary, Louisville, Kentucky August 15th – September 22nd

Currently situated within Swanson Contemporary are paintings and installations composed of paintings situated within murals that make up Benjamin Cook’s exhibition, History Abridged—they’re fun, they’re difficult, they’re comedic, and they’re nostalgic. The show could easily feel overworked with this much imagery—but it doesn’t. It references a certain conflicting brevity of time and expansion of time […]

Sophie von Hellermann Experiments with Cultures in her Painted "Petri Dishes"

Cleverly convoluting scientific and sociological meanings of the word “culture,” Sophie von Hellermann’s paintings portray clear disks brimming with mysterious vignettes in “Petri Dishes,” her show at Parrasch Heijnen Gallery in Los Angeles. Each canvas functions as a petri dish for von Hellermann’s painted explorations where microbiologic vessels serve as symbolic spheres for testing paint’s […]

Lloyd Library Exhibition

The Lloyd Library, to my knowledge, is the first entity ever to use as exhibition title the key word broken into syllables, with accompanying accent.  Phar’-ma-cog-no-sy Illustrated: A History of Natural Pharmaceuticals, on view there now, does just that, and those of us not pharmacologists are grateful. The term, the exhibition tells us, “is planted, […]

Running With Freedom

If there’s one thing the Taft Museum of Art is known for, it’s the museum’s history.  Home to the art archive of late and great Cincinnatians Charles and Anna Sinton Taft, the museum is a history rich capsule of people, place, and objects.  Making her mark among the masters and makers is Duncanson artist- in […]

Dolan/Maxwell’s at the Seattle Art Fair

Dolan/Maxwell’s booth at the Seattle Art Fair was well laid out and well attended. Though they brought a multitude of prints, it was a sculpture by Helen Phillips that drew my attention. A direct carving, the gessoed wood of “Untitled” bears small pencil marks and other traces of its making. Although not more than 12” […]

Virtuosity at Wash Park Art

Holly Spraul’s Wash Park Art gallery came alive with an art exhibition expanding upon the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra’s MusikArt auction of 5 violins by 5 noted area artists. Actual violins were ‘artified’ in the stylistic tendencies of each artist and exhibited as a highlighted wall assembly. The violin silent auction drew a supportive crowd who […]