The Painter of Light

  WATERCOLORS TO BOOKS Sinton Gallery, Taft Museum of Art February 10 to April 15 2012 Even compared with our contemporary view of art, J.M.W. Turner was an extraordinary talent.  Accepted at the Royal Academy in London at age 14, often deliberately irascible, flaunting his cockney background at hopeful moneyed patrons, and justifiably confident of […]

David Miretsky’s Allegory of Painting

David Miretsky immigrated to the United Sates in 1975 after being jailed for the satirical and naturalistic content of his paintings in Kiev. Miretsky made Cincinnati his home and Phyllis Weston presented his first solo show at The Closson Gallery downtown. Miretsky is still tackling tough subjects these days, as a biting but often humorous […]

Dear Nostalgia

I visited the Lois and Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art for the purpose of reviewing the music video exhibition, “Spectacle:  The Music Video.”  Although I was overwhelmed with the exhibition’s nostalgic content involving the history of the visual components related to music, what I found myself captivated by was the work of artist Dasha […]

Mythology Under Construction: Jennifer Purdum at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center

The mystery in Jennifer Purdum’s paintings and drawings is flagrantly upfront, like a joke with a disturbing punch-line that really has nothing to do with the joke outside of being connected to it.  In many of the pictures in “Inside/Out:  Drawings and Paintings by Jennifer Purdum” now on display at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center […]

Reflection at Red Pond

Helen Frankenthaler  1928-2011 A phone call from a long time friend of mine alerted me to the passing of this reknowned woman whose approach to painting contributed to and influenced the gestural abstract movement of the 50′ s and 60’s. “I never usually read the obits in the New York Times” Marilyn began,” but I […]

Photographing Parklands

The Green Building Gallery hosts “The Vision of a Generation: Photographs from The Parklands of Floyds Fork.” From the press release, the exhibition “documents the landscape before, during, and after the creation of the 4,000-acre Parklands of Floyds Fork” by its artists over the last four years. The art world, like elsewhere, is engaging the […]

Miller Gallery – Fifty Years a Family Tradition

Miller Gallery, in the middle of the block on Erie Avenue When old friends meet after a hiatus, there is little preamble before lapsing into friendly chat. This was the case a few weeks ago between AEQAI editor Daniel Brown, and Miller Gallery’s Laura Miller Gleason and husband, Gary Gleason. The two now run the […]

“The Third Reich” (Farrar, Straus, & Giroux) (2011)

Every now and again, the literary and/or publishing worlds discover or rediscover an author, living or dead, whose writings are so exceptional that they change the way we read, understand the world, and reexamine the act of writing itself.  Three or four years ago, I read Roberto Bolaño’s Savage Detectives, in which this recently dead […]

Sara Pearce's Expecting to Fly at 5th Street Gallery

A quick first take on Sara Pearce’s Expecting to Fly at 5th Street Gallery downtown shows her a words person as well as a visual artist. And no wonder; words were her trade during her Cincinnati Enquirer years, when she reported on restaurants, books, sometimes visual arts, and was a features editor. What collages require, […]