In Theory: Navigating reimagined territories in Now Here: Theoretical Landscapes at The Carnegie

What is a landscape? What exactly constitutes its borders and ambiguities? “Now Here: Theoretical Landscapes,” a new exhibit at The Carnegie in Covington, explores this complicated question, displaying a cornucopia of artworks by twenty-one regional artists who, through varied media, attempt to redefine the landscape genre. It becomes immediately evident upon entering the gallery that […]

Women in Abstraction: Phyllis Weston Gallery

Abstract Art lovers’ Alert! The current exhibit featured at the Phyllis Weston Gallery in O’Bryonville will thrill you. The benign art of collage is taken in several engaging directions in Kathy Salchow’s multi-element collages. Natural and textural elements assembled in fanciful combinations engage the viewer’s imaginative interpretations and enjoyment. “Early Bird Tobacco Bag” is comprised […]

“About Faith:” nine women’s experiences with Judaism through art

“About Faith,” does not hide behind a clever name. It is, both on its surface and deep down, about showcasing its artists’ Jewish identities. According to a placard located immediately inside the first room of the exhibit, “About Faith” is curator Beth Goldstein’s attempt at completing the Hiddur Mitzvah, or “adornment of a commandment.” She […]

“Meditation” at Wash Park Art Shows Evan Hildebrandt and Alison Shepard

Gorgeous is not a word to be thrown out lightly, and in any case it’s usually not accepted  ArtSpeak, but some of the works in Meditation at Wash Park Art, 1215 Elm Street, call out for it.  The show presents new works and collaborations by Evan Hildebrandt and Alison Shepard, established artists who are married […]

Puppet Show: “Baby’s Back: Lindsey Henderson and Mica Smith” at Pear Gallery

Lindsey Henderson makes oddly familiar and familiarly odd puppet-like things that seem to bleed in and out of reality, like double visions flickering back into three dimensions.  “Things” might be a pejorative term, but that’s what they are:  beautifully off-kilter sculptures that sag and giggle and burp without making a sound.  The way the curator […]

Uncovering 300 Years of Japanese Art At The Cincinnati Art Museum

When the Cincinnati Art Museum first announced its exhibition schedule for the coming season, I was thrilled to see that Masterpieces of Japanese Art was opening in February. At the time, I assumed it was going to be a traveling exhibit, perhaps from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, or from the Asian collections […]

Figurative Folklore

“The human figure as depicted in art is more than a study of anatomy and the play of light and dark on the flesh. Human gestures have the capacity to intrigue, unnerve and perplex. The scenes are familiar to our collective experience, yet something is askew, enigmatic even farcical. The figure takes on a mythical […]

Susan Schuler at Malton

Susan Schuler, abstract painter, has moved to Albuquerque.  For the light. For the glorious southwestern sunlight, clarity intact, that has bedazzled artists since at least the 19th century. Schuler, widely traveled, is a sophisticated judge of sunlight and its artistic uses. A Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area native, children now grown, she last year packed up and […]

The New Gucci

Fashion is art, of this there is no doubt. Like a painter, a fashion designer’s creative abilities come to life on the canvas on which he/she works, a living, breathing canvas made to be worn: consider the product a form of kinetic art.  When a designer unveils his/her newest collection, as happened recently at Fashion Weeks […]