An Interrogation of Abstract Markings: Hans Hartung’s Recent Survey at Perrotin, New York

Perrotin’s opening exhibition in New York for 2018, Hans Hartung: A Constant Storm. Works from 1922 to 1989, featured a retrospective assessment of one of the pioneers of Lyrical Abstraction in Europe, including over 60 major works. This exhibition—which was on view from January 12 until February 18—marked the most extensive presentation of the artist’s […]

Stephen Towns Quilts at The Baltimore Museum of Ar

Two of the Stephen Towns’ gorgeous quilt pieces hang in an abbreviated hallway of the Baltimore Museum of Art. Rumination and Reckoning, the Baltimore artist’s debut solo museum show, is an intimate collection of his quilts from a recent, breakthrough body of fabric works, including a few new, unseen pieces. Two of these new works […]

Historical Materialism and Survey: Malcolm Cochran’s History Lessons

The Weston Art Gallery in the Aronoff Center features three works by American installation artist Malcolm Cochran: History Lessons (2011), Requiem (2018), and Washing Feet (1996-97).  History Lessons features a looming fixture – a colossal poplar, steel, and polished whitewash stainless steel mirror. The base of the mirrors’ bracket is reminiscent of a sleek vessel, […]

Our Internets, Our Selves: Looking Beyond Branding in Boston’s “Art + Tech”

If I’m being cyncial, Boston’s inferiority complex as a“top U.S. innovation city” is why we have a city-wide partnership between 14 museums and galleries called “Art + Tech. ” Why not, when the theme is so wide-ranging and marketable, a chic outlet for the bursting brain trust we want to show the world? We’re the […]

The Pull of Exquisite Genius:  Michelangelo at the Met

“Five hundred years seem to melt away in looking at his art.”1 Over and over again, critics in the United States and elsewhere referred to this magnificent exhibition as a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity and they were absolutely correct. The exhibition opened in November to great fanfare and concluded with continuous packed gallery attendance as the exhibit drew […]

Critical Mass II // Critical Discourse and Engagement in Kentucky

Critical Mass II was the second in a series of panel discussions around various urban centers within Kentucky. This particular installment was arranged by the Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft, in collaboration with UnderMain, Inc. and arranged in partnership with the The Great Meadows Foundation. This panel discussion focused on critical thinking in the […]

Matthew Metzger: Traversing the Meditative and Experiential

  Matthew Metzger’s contemporary interpretations of Chinese painting and its intentions allocate space and dimensionality through shifting and changing perspectives, which qualitatively empower the young painter’s  “seeing” entirely. Metzger’s paintings, on view from March 15th – April 28th, 2018 at The Miller Gallery in Cincinnati deliberately question the point of view re: shifting perspectives. They […]

Karen Hochman Brown Shows Us the Beauty of Math in “Botanic Geometry”

  “Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth that around every circle another can be drawn; that there is no end in nature, but every end is a beginning, and under every deep a lower deep opens.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Karen Hochman Brown’s series, “Botanic Geometry,” is a vivid collection of digitally manipulated […]

As in the Mirror: Self-Portraits by Ellina Chetverikova at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center

In her thought-provoking show at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center Ellina Chetverikova, who immigrated to the United States from Ukraine to continue her study of art, offers sixteen self-portraits.  The largest is 10X12; many are much smaller.  The considerable power of the show derives from the cumulative effect of a woman looking at herself repeatedly, […]

Conversation on Another Ground

Not Gallery  is an artist-run space in East Austin presided over by Alex Diamond. since 2014. The gallery is located in a warehouse industrial garage, part of a row of segmented spaces all outfitted with large garage bay doors. The complex is home to several other galleries and artist studios including ATM Gallery and February […]