Hidden Architect

Althea Thompson shapes generations of young artists at the School for Creative and Performing Arts   On a rainy day in Over-the-Rhine I arrive at the school. It is an odd feeling pulling over on Central Parkway alongside parents dropping off children in front of this colossal feat of modern architecture. It is not the […]

The Possibility for Framing: Suzanne Silver’s Cartoon Geometry

French sociologist Pierre Bordieu contended that all art functions as coded meaning for his study on art museums and their visitors in The Love of Art (1990).   Differentiating between lower level of meanings – “superficial [and] fragmentary” – and higher level of meanings – which “incorporate and transform” – Bordieu maintained that both responses created […]

Production and Disclosure

In the current exhibition of Land of Tomorrow, E.V. Day’s Pollinator Series features pink-purple grid-like projections of the flowers from Giverny onto etched glass. They were constructed using digital scans of original flower pressings. So too was Serkan Ozkaya’s David (inspired by Michelangelo), a giant gold-painted, fiberglass double-sized reproduction of Michelangelo’s David, recently acquired by […]

Master of the Not-So-Still Still Life

Still life is the most problematic—and most abstract—of genres, as the paintings seem to lack the grandeur associated with landscapes or with figures that can assume allegorical or mythological-religious resonance. Because the objects depicted are taken from ordinary life, however, they intimately speak to our daily existence and to our interior lives. Sheldon Tapley revitalizes, […]


The Bible tells the story of Adam and Eve (mankind) expelled from the Garden of Eden for picking fruit from the tree of knowledge. Katie St. Clairʼs, The Hierarchy of Living Things gives us little comfort in whatever knowledge we have gleaned from that singular fruit. Here, naked as the day she was born, a […]

Ohio to the White House: Photographs by Matthew Albritton, Taft Museum of Art

In the exhibition “Ohio to the White House,” appropriately at the Taft Museum of Art, Matthew Albritton has documented the birthplaces and boyhood homes of the seven Ohio-born presidents. Their terms account for half of presidential service between 1869 and 1923. During that time only three presidents hailed from outside the Buckeye state. Albritton’s lush […]


Layered Abstractions at AEC April 13 thru May 11 Abstract they are; some more than others. Yet sculpture by Robert Pulley,  palette knife paintings by Trish Weeks, and painted comments on humanity by Paige Williams, were  pulled together by the common, if tenuous, thread of nature. Robert Pulley has spent decades in sculpture.  With a true […]

"Reverse Psychology" at Thunder-Sky Gallery

“Dance?” asks one of a pair of figures in a collaborative painting by the two artists in Thunder-Sky Gallery’s current exhibition, Reverse Psychology. “Sorry, not my type,” answers the other. The two inhabit a dreamy, fragmented setting; the pop-star-like woman wears a beehive hairdo, a polka dot dress and a prosthetic arm and the man […]

Art in a box: Christiane Berridge admires the detailed roomboxes created by Robert Off

Editor’s Note: Cincinnatian Robert Off has been designing and fabricating miniature rooms,which he calls roomboxes, for over ten years, easily, but has begun to display them in gallery and museum settings to enormous audience and peer delight.  Off begins each piece, an individual art unto itself, in his imagination; some of his ideas are spinoffs […]

Area Sculptor 3D Sculpture at CAM

When I was first approached about writing this appreciation of a piece at the Cincinnati Art Museum, I was absolutely confident in my choice. As many times as I had entered through those majestic doors, I knew where I was first drawn. No matter what new exhibit had just opened, I had to make my […]