A Local Culture: tradition and risk in Cincinnati

daydreaming of success of enhancing culture, of collaboration bringing this city up with all of our brilliance bringing this city to life with all of our passion filling this city up with our art, with our sounds with our faces and ideas … Excerpted from “Rubble of The Mind” by Jim Swill, Caustic Nostalgia: selected […]

Decadent Decades of Dress

The Cincinnati Art Museum’s current show, “Art Deco:  Fashion and Design in the Jazz Age” is an exhibition contextualizing evening dresses from the Betty Colker Collection with textiles, prints, jewelry, furniture, and sundry other art objects related to the Art Deco aesthetic.  The exhibition is decidedly female centric, focusing on the material trappings and images […]

Man About Art – Matt Distel

Matt Distel, a lively compact young man, is a curator, gallery director and general man about art. Anything written about him only scratches the surface of his penetrating involvement in the art life of Cincinnati, from the DeLeia to the CAC, from Country Club to Publico to The Weston, Distel has had his hand in […]

Transformative Career: Tom Bacher Still Fresh After 36 Years of Luminosity

Under the cover of darkness the city twinkles with the light from countless windows, streetlamps and signs, wrapping us in a blanket of familiarity. The city nightscape is as assuring and magical as a Christmas tree glowing in a dark living room, and as primal as fire. It is the light of our hometown, reflected […]

WHERE IS THE LOVE? Julião Sarmento at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center

The wall text for Julião Sarmento’s exhibit (closing January 22, 2012)  at the Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art promises an exhibit built on “the concept of the book as an aesthetic and visceral object.”  It goes on to report that many of Sarmento’s drawings exemplify the “sensuous gesture of holding a book.” […]

The Wettest Year On Record

When asked to write about a favorite painting at the art museum, I saw it as an invitation to reestablish my emotional connection to the art I see. Recently, I find it hard to have a gut reaction to works that I spend time in front of. This is especially true if I sense that […]

Love of Money is Relentless: Michael Scheurer at the Canco Gallery

  To quote Alan Watts, a much wiser man than I, “A myth is an image in terms of which we try to make sense of the world.” Walking through the hall of the new Canco Gallery space in Northside, I got the feeling I was entering someone’s intrapersonal mindscape, filled with its fair share […]

Beginnings: George Inness in Italy

George Inness,  as currently featured at the Taft Museum of Art through January 8, 2012, was not yet the master of a united nature concept when these early paintings were completed. Often noted as the most influential artist in the development of American Impressionism, that title would have been angrily denied by him, had he […]

“The Artist’s Craft” at The Carnegie

Though hardly indicative of the full breadth of contemporary craft art, the diversity of work presented in the “The Artist’s Craft” exhibit at The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center is a window into the ability of artists to use traditional materials to create surprising compositions that challenge, and resonate with, the viewers sensibilities. Arturo […]