Murals, Public Art and the Lure of the Creative Place

Covington is an ‘unapologetically authentic’ place. It’s an island unto itself. No label, declarative statement, or stereotype quite fits the business owners and residents who live here. What can be said is what unites them: their belief in community, their value placed on the arts and creativity, and their passion and pride for the city. […]

David Benjamin Sherry’s Western Romance

Western Romance aims to create a dialogue between David Benjamin Sherry’s photographs of vast landscapes saturated with synthetic color and the tradition of Western landscape photography. The subjects appear at first glance to be similar, but intentions are different. Sherry’s photographs are more about color and light than capturing the grandness of the western frontier. […]

Letter From Brooklyn

There is an old yiddish saying that goes something like “No-one knows whose shoe pinches except the person who is walking in them”. As a child I heard this phrase and conjured up images of my all-white KED sneakers that always gave me blisters, but I heard this phrase again while leaving Brooklyn and the […]

Public Art: Mural Month and FotoFocus

October has been a month full of activities in the visual arts.  FotoFocus, the biennial celebration of photography and lens-based art, is still in swing, and it brought an exceptionally high level of exhibitions, lectures, and other adjunct programming to Greater Cincinnati.  Mayor Cranley also declared October to be Mural Month, in order to bring […]

STILLS at Michael Lowe Gallery

STILLS captivates with sophisticated themes and representative young artists Michael Lowe Gallery. 905 Vine Street, Cincinnati OH 45202 Stills is one of six “featured” exhibitions created for the October 2012 FotoFocus Biennial. it was curated by San Francisco publisher and collector Nion McEvoy and FotoFocus artistic director Kevin Moore. The pair brought together works by […]

Cincinnati: Shadow and Light

All of us who have read the Cincinnati Enquirer down the years know Michael Keating’s photographs. They are both smart and subjective, they are on the note, they tell us more than print sometimes can.  But we don’t know them as they can be seen at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center in Cincinnati: Shadow and […]

Constance McClure

Walnut Hills artist Constance McClure sometimes subconsciously sketches in the air when she’s deep in conversation. Drawing always came naturally, but by now it’s automatic. She’s been creating art – starting with drawing, and moving on to painting, metalpoint and frescoes – each of her eight decades on earth. Once among a large lunchtime crowd […]