Philip Guston’s Recklessness

“One morning, my wife, after the rain, pointed out a spider that was making a marvelous web, so I started doing a number of web pictures with my wife and myself, and a lot of paraphernalia caught in the web.  . . . It’s a terrible corny idea, but what can you do? It led […]

Presages: Gordon Smith’s Kentucky Coal Country Photographs

Gordon Smith’s (b. 1952) black-and-white photographs of Kentucky’s coal mining country and its people are disturbing documents of hardscrabble life. His images tell the story of the miners and their families who endure the crushing poverty that forces them to destroy their very environment to survive. A part of the photographic tradition of social commentary, […]

PLASTIC HYPERBOLE: Rondle West at the Carnegie

Rondle West’s Pop-Rococo universe is something to behold.  He is a maximalist working with miniatures, creating visual flourishes and earth-bound chandeliers out of thrift-store cast-offs, knick-knacks, dolls, action-figures, and whatever else lands in his aesthetic ballroom/landfill.  He does not seem to know when to stop and yet each of his sculptures feel perfectly edited and […]

Bridge to Asian Art – Dr. Hou-mei Sung

Dr. Sung has served as the curator of Asian art at the Cincinnati Art Museum since 2002. In her 2009 show, Roaring Tigers, Leaping Carp: Decoding the Symbolic Language of Chinese Animal Painting, Dr. Sung drew on ten years of research to present more than 100 paintings that illustrated the use of animal symbolism in […]

The Art of Daily Reflection

When I talk to people who don’t think they know very much about art, I say, “Just look. What do you see?” If someone can tell you what they physically see, and then stop to think about how it makes them feel—that’s really at the heart of any experience with art regardless of how much […]

Second Chat With the Editor – “Self Expression is a Form of Narcissism”

Daniel Brown, AEQAI editor, is a writer, internationally known art critic, collector and curator, a positive stickler for clarity and above all, the objectivity that comes from true literacy. This is objectivity that flies in the face of what he sees as the present American preoccupation with “self”. Brown feels that this is a big […]

Island Reflections

“We’re the reflections of our ancestors / we’d like to thank you for the building blocks you left us / ‘cause your spirit possessed us” – Talib Kweli, “Africa Dream”   Emily Hanako Momohara’s current exhibition at PAC Gallery, “Islands,” consists of fifteen archival pigment prints on rich Somerset Velvet paper.  The exhibition is a […]

New Gallery Opens with an Exhibition in Visualizing Ideologies

Third Party Gallery opened its first exhibition with a group show (the curator isn’t listed, but I assume it was Wyatt Niehaus, one of the co-founders) called Reductio ad Absurdum. According to the press release, the curator claims that its artists have “composed a dialogue between their work and a preexisting ideology, convention or concept […]

Art: A Conversation of Souls

Art, at its best, is an asynchronous dialogue between the soul of the artist and the soul of the viewer. It is a conversation of the soul, because what moves the artist to create and the viewer to respond comes from a deeper level than the mind. No amount of technical expertise can move the […]

Take It Off

Manifest Gallery’s “3rd Annual NUDE” international competition showing through September 9, offers more than the vast undulating landscape of skin to be considered. The subjects have been folded, stretched, posed and exposed in every manner from hypnotic fragility, as in Bain Butcher’s “Untitled” graphite rendering of a young woman, to the Diebenkorn-ish palette knife interiors […]