Alice Frieder Weston, Artist, Arts Patron and Collector

Alice Frieder Weston is by no means an obscure figure now nor has she been over the many years she and husband, Harris Weston, encouraged and supported the arts and other causes in Cincinnati. Entering her living room, as she says “good morning”, one is greeted by an expanse of Carl Strauss-designed light and airy […]

James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Editor’s Note: What follows is the second in Aeqai’s series, where we ask artists in Greater Cincinnati to select one work of art in the permanent collection of either CAM or the Taft Museum, and tell our readers why it is important to him or her.  Maureen Bloomfield is Editor of The Artist’s Magazine, as […]

At War With The Obvious

                      “Not Just Pretty Pictures:  The Carl M. Jacobs III Collection”  at the Cincinnati Art Museum “I am at war with the obvious,” Photographer William Eggleston once said when asked about his work. I have a feeling Carl M. Jacobs III, the collector the exhibit […]

Thunder-Sky’s the Limit

“Hard Knocks:  Art without Art School” is a loosely curated collection of more than one hundred works of art by thirty-one artists from around the globe.  By making use of their three curators (visual artists Antonio Adams, Ran Barnaclo, & Spencer van der Zee,) Thunder-Sky’s Face Book page, and exhibition blog to cast a wide […]

Fun Between the Covers

Books. From the tiniest , “Musical Boxes” by Mark Palkovic measuring  a mere 1” X 1 1/2”, to the largest, also qualifying as the most outrageous,”Zulu: A Book Doll”  by Pamela Howard, Bookwords 12 at the Main Library through  August 29, 2011, is a plethora of invention and imagination.  Pop-up book artists are now known […]

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Harry Reisiger at The Phyllis Weston Gallery Clement Greenberg once said that “the superior artist is one who knows how to be influenced” and the current survey of paintings by the late Harry Reisiger reveals just such an artist. Born in 1922, Reisiger studied at both the Art Academy and the University of Cincinnati, eventually […]

An Air-Conditioner-Side Chat With the Editor

With apologies to psychiatrists and brain surgeons, I think one can watch a mind at work. The way the eyes move, the head takes up its position and the mouth forms into odd little shapes are all unmistakable clues. Some people hate computers, and this is especially true of Daniel Brown, recently installed editor of […]

What’s The Big Idea? “Body of Art” at Prairie Gallery

“Body of Art,” the exhibit currently at Prairie Gallery (on display through August 20, 2011), is a group show in which the weirdness and greatness of the individual works often outshine the reason they were pulled together in the first place. The show is a grab-bag of video, photography, sculpture, painting and drawing, and while […]