On a Certain Tendency of Contemporary Installation Art

British installation artist Alex Hibbitt’s Rhizome: Falling (2018) has traversed numerous gallery locales throughout the States in the last few years and hangs, suspended and static, in the Weston Gallery’s atrium ceiling. The work – a horizontal web of variegated materiality and form – while weighty, sputters a certain recherché of the ethereal, culling to […]

What Rich Mix Is This?

Judy Pfaff New Prints Isaac Abrams Paintings + Drawings Kirk Mangus Drawings + Ceramic Works This handsome show of a trio of artists opened in late January and continues through to April 6, 2019 at the Solway Gallery in the west end.  Judy Pfaff is the giant in the room with exciting new prints in the largest gallery rooms at […]

Deb Brod at The Carnegie

In The Carnegie’s Open Source series of exhibitions, Trajectory engages the gallery space with swooping arcs of fabric and fiber that weave and stretch across one corner of the large open room. Deb Brod, the artist, has mined collections of fabric handed down from her mother and grandmother as well as from her daughter and […]

SIMILITUDE: A survey of contemporary portraiture

Dreams, dragons and confrontation with contemporary overtones– “Similitude” is an exhibit of current portraiture work by contemporary, largely regional, artists at the Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati. Paul Loehle’s large oil on panel is entitled “Self Portrait with Purple Dragon”.  A split segment of Loehle’s head with single wide open eye forms the foundation of a […]

On the Question of How to Approach a New Visual Language?

Synthetica, which showed at the Weston Art Gallery from November 30, 2018 – January 27, 2019, professed a keen logic of material innovation accompanied by a significant theoretical undertaking –these nine local artists sought not only to transfigure two-dimensional surfaces with an array of diverse materials but, also, how to consequently render new linguistic applications […]

The Terrace Plaza Hotel: Recognizing Greatness

Cincinnati is fortunate to have a number of noteworthy examples of architecture and history, recognized with numerous listings on the National Register of Historic Places. Placement of buildings on this list is important in order to bring recognition, but offers little protection from insensitive remodeling and destruction, except where federal dollars are involved. Designation of […]

ZVIZDAL [Chernobyl- so far so close] Berlin

ZVIZDAL is the latest documentary-installation by the Dutch company Berlin.  It comprises a large double-sided projection screen over three diorama tables depicting a primitive Ukranian farmhouse.  The documentary film is interspersed with magnified footage from remote controlled cameras which move to display images of these farm dioramas on the projection screen.  The documentary itself uses […]

STATE Ingri Fiksdal

Ingri  Fiksdal’s STATE explores the role of dance as ritual in society and was performed in the Contemporary Arts Center’s black box theatre.  Accompanied by live performance of Lasse Marhaug’s noise music soundtrack, STATE uses a combination of modern dance choreography and improvised movement to bring Fiksdal’s commentary on dance and ritual to life.  The […]

Fotofolio – Susan Patrice

“The Enveloping Landscape” Susan’s statement: The Enveloping Landscape project began as a way to heal. Much like the Appalachian landscape itself, my body holds a map of multi-generational trauma. Too often expressed as violence against women, mirrored in our exploitation of the land, our history carries with it a shame so deep that it looms […]

Emma Webster's Complicated Vistas of Human Nature in Dioramic Landscapes

Nothing seems right in Emma Webster’s No Man’s Land (all works 2018): toadstools are weirdly spotlighted; wispy arboreal cutouts contain more than mere foliage; and a nearby cervine, possibly an antelope, is impossibly dwarfed by a distant moose. Such incongruities lead one to wonder: what sort of location does this painting depict? Webster painted No […]