Robert Schatz. Lehigh, 1991. Oil on linen, 18 x 26″ (46 x 66cm).

Thirteen is the infamous and mystical number we fear, dark, enigmatic and magical. The number thirteen is associated with ill-luck, the conjured, the dangerous, the forbidden and the unknown, but many have no conception of the mathematical laws which govern it. Most are convinced of its magical powers, and most are uninformed of its numerical elegance or significance.

In honor of the number 13 this group show will showcase the work of Jane Murdoch Adams,  Peter Barelkowski, Linda Chen, Wendell Chen, DNA Dodds, Joel Fullerton, Heather Gentleman, Angela Gooliaff, David Griffin, Joyce Harmony, Robin Hesse, Thomas Hlavacek, WW Hung, Larid Kay, Irina Litinsky, Tai Kim, Robin Kingsburgh, Kathe Merilovich, Joseph Muscat, Frances Patella, Dominique Prevost, Tony Saad, Robert Schatz, Heather SaundersKeijo Tapanainen, Anthony Tremblay, Gwen Tooth, Benjamin Wieler.

The 13 exhibit runs October 2-13.  Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts is located at 984 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON M6J 1H1. Gallery hours are Noon-6 p.m. Wednesday- Saturday and Noon-5 p.m. Sunday.

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