Since FotoFocus continues to have a very strong educational component to everything it presents, and since we are all curious at how younger Americans view their environment artistically, AEQAI decided to ask one student, Emily Kamholtz, a senior at The Art Academy of Cincinnati, to share some of her work with our readers, and they are posted here. (Full disclosure: Emily is the daughter of AEQAI writer Jonathan Kamholtz, which made finding her photographs significantly easier for us, but Kamholtz The Elder has not seen the photographs that we have selected). You will see a very high level of understanding of her craft in her work, but also a highly sophisticated visual interpretation of changing gender roles, alternative views of women, and influence of film and an ease with color in her work, as well as an ability to go back and forth between still photography and video. If Emily’s work may be said to symbolize the sensibility of the next generation, then we must consider ourselves lucky at what’s to come, and to thank FotoFocus for providing such a hospitable environment for students like Emily Kamholtz.

–Daniel Brown

Emily Kamholtz, a recent graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati, uses lens-based media to manifest radicalized and messy sensation through the removed comfort of simulacra.

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