A Call to Greater Cincinnati Poets For the 2014 annual Book of Poems and Drawings on Peace and Justice

Submission Guidelines

1)Call for poems from any poet from or connected to the Greater Cincinnati area.

2)Poems to relate to themes of peace and justice.

3)Poet may submit up to 3 poems.

4)All submissions will be considered. The editors will be looking for quality, inclusiveness, and appropriateness to the themes of peace and justice.

5)If space becomes limited, priority will be given to poets not published in previous books. (this is the 11th annual book).

6)Selected poems will be illustrated in B&W by invited Greater Cincinnati artists.

7)Poems and illustrations will be printed in “For a Better World 2014” to come out May, 2014

8)Book will be launched and available at “SOS ART 2014”, May 30-June 8, at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

9)Poets included in book will be invited to read their poems at “SOS ART 2014”

10)Submission deadline: February 16, 2014

Please send submissions as “Word” attachments (or in full text) electronically by e mail to:
[email protected]  or by US mail, preferably on a CD, to: Saad Ghosn, 216 Erkenbrecher Ave, Cincinnati,
OH 45229

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