One of Robert Schatz’s sculptural pieces has been included in a brand new exhibit, A Time In Arcadia, at Curious Matter, Jersey City, NJ. The exhibit is a collaboration between the gallery and the Jersey City Free Public Library, and will be on view in both venues.  The exhibit will run through June 23rd.  A catalogue will be available.

“From Eden to Monsanto, plants are entwined in virtually every aspect of our lives and culture –– whether for nourishment, their medicinal properties or decorative appeal.  In sources as divergent as Dutch landscape painting, herbals, or in the work of Andy Goldsworthy, Agnes Denes, or Rob Carter, plant life is abundantly represented in visual art.  With the exhibition A Time in Arcadia, Curious Matter will explore how contemporary artists engage with botany.  In conjunction with the exhibit, the Jersey City Free Public Library had compiled a bibliography of nearly 200 publications from every branch and department, all exploring the theme.”

Curious Matter is located at 272 Fifth Street, Jersey City, NJ, a short walk north from the PATH Grove Street Station.

Further information and the exhibition essay may be found at the gallery’s website:

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