These works of art are for sale. Place your bid through email with Cedric Michael Cox at [email protected] so we can keep you posted. Thanks for your support!


By: Kim Rae Taylor
8 x 20 inches
mix media collage on canvas
Minimum Bid: $100


By: Jan Brown Checco
26 x 22 inches with frame
Minimum Bid: $150


“Ethnospeze” By: Tammy Gambrel
Oil on Burch
Minimum Bid: $200


“Listen to me said the Bee” By: Michael Hurst
13 x 19 inches
Charcoal on wood panel
Minimum Bid: $200


“The Conference of Birds” By: Laurel Garcia Colvin
32 x 23 inches with frame
mix media
Minimum Bid: $250


“Bottle with Palette Knife” By: Greg Storer
7 x 5 inches
Oil on panel
Minimum Bid: $100


“Birth and Death” By: Jame Alden Stevens
Photo on Linen
45 x 29 inches
Minimum Bid: $400


“Little Orange Tree” By: Lynn Carden
12 x 11 1/2 inches with frame
Water color
Minimum Bid: $200


“Yellow Sky”-2015 By: Kevin T. Kelly
12 x 17 inches
Digitally painted print on metal
Minimum Bid: $1,200


By: James Oberschlake
18 x 24 inches with frame
Oil on collage
Minimum Bid: $200


By: Dan Newman
19 x 23 with frame
Minimum Bid: $150


“Life’s Cycle” By: Frank Satogata
24 x 30 inches
Oil on canvas
Minimum Bid: $400


“A Robots Dream” By: Saad Ghosn
12 1/2 x 16 1/2 with frame
wood cut print on paper
Minimum Bid: $75


“Vibrant Meadow” By: Trish Weeks
12 x 12 inches
Oil on canvas
Minimum Bid: $200


“Bad Jamah Momma” By: Thom Shaw
36 x 36 inches image size
mix media on paper dry mounted to Matt board
Minimum Bid: $350



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