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Marlene Steele

Dears Readers

Autumn arrives with her almost unbelievable colors, the annual source of pure joy to every 

plein air painter I know, as the year slips away into the holiday season.

Aeqai is featuring some equally enticing reviews for your enjoyment.

We are focusing on some hometown nostalgia, experimental area output that reflected the issues of the era. Writer Helen Rindsberg takes us through Ohio Voices at the Cincinnati Art Museum, small Gallery 213, featuring selected prints and drawings that are filled with lived experiences and personal stories. The exhibition, curated by Kristin Spangenberg, also celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Donald P. Sowell Endowment Committee, Mr. Sowell being the first African-American Art teacher in the Cincinnati Public School system and an art supervisor for 20 years.

I personally enjoyed the Summit Hotel Gallery exhibition: “20 Years Ago, Revisiting Cincinnati’s Millennial Alternative Scene: DIT: The Collaborative Nature of Everything.” Curators Sue Spaid and Linda Schwartz re-examine the work then and the update now of a selection of artists who exhibited in artist-run alternative galleries of that era, Cincinnati being home to a bumper crop of hole-in-the-wall alternatives sprinkled throughout the neighborhoods. 

Sue Spaid walks us through Moving—Transfer, on view at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, but soon to be featured at Pique, a gallery bed and breakfast at 210 Pike street, Old town Covington. We are publishing the review in this post. Hopefully images will be forthcoming.

The art object is what it is later in history, not at the moment it was first conceived.

Dan Graham

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