Editor’s comments. November 2023

Marlene Steele

Dear Readers:  

With the holiday season upon us, the calendar is crowded with festivities. We hope you will take time to experience some of the exhibitions featured here with family and friends.

The Taft Museum of Art presents the seasonal Sporting Fashion: Outdoor Girls 1800-1960, an interesting exhibit of historic fashion designed for the modern girl who took up a variety of competing sporting activities. Jennifer Perusek walks us through the exhibit through different eras as the modern woman dressed for the part to participate; the subtle transition from fashion to practicality use prevailing in the later eras.

An excellent exhibition in counterpoint is the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston exhibition: Fashioned by Sargent, insightfully reviewed by Joelle Jameson. Here “portraiture and performance” is very literally the meat of the exhibition, showcasing the collaborative performances of stage performers and socialites with the artist who immortalized them and their dress.

Finally, our own Cincinnati Art Musem features paintings, prints and drawings in Charles White: A Little Higher. A superb draughtsman and teacher and one of the most influential African-American artists of the 20th century, White’s artworks are powerful testaments to the black experience, earning him the title “The Portrayer of Black Dignity,” by Ebony Magazine in 1967. His vision for social justice and personal dedication comes to life in his artwork and his professional involvement in the art world.

We thank you our readership for your continuing interest and support of our mission.