Editor’s comments

Marlene Steele

May 2023

The art scene is certainly busy this summer. Our roster will tempt your interest.

We have an interview with Christina Vassallo, the new energy at the helm of our Contemporary  Art Center. Penny Hoskin uncovers how Vassallo’s qualifications were built step by step through multiple career advancements.

Sue Spaid takes us through the Guggenheim exhibition “Measuring Infinity” which highlights the remarkable cutting edge vision of Gego. This internationally recognized woman’s major artworks investigate structural systems and spacial relationships among other concepts.

Photography work drawn from the collection of the Columbus Museum of Art is reviewed with insights by William Messer. “Arbus, Sherman, Woodman: American Photography from the 1960s and 1970s” examines the fierce innovations of these women photographers who had a significant impact on the medium.

A not to be missed opportunity to experience the world through the mind and experiences of Deborah Morrissey McGoff soon closes at Cincinnati Art Galleries, Cincinnati. This comprehensive retrospective examines her life journey through landscape painting, created in traditional painting techniques and couched in classical references, is especially visually rewarding.

Josh Beckelhimer reviews the inversions of space, realism and reality in “Weaving Worlds: The Vivid Imagination of Elaine Stocki” at the Night Gallery, Los Angeles, California. 

Erkin Eakin introduces us to veteran Daniel Kaye, whose paintings reflect on the youthful military personnel currently carrying the burden of our nation’s armed forces.

As always, we value our readership and thank you for your continuing support of the online Aeqai platform. Have a wonderful and safe summer.