Editor’s comments. April 2023

Marlene Steele

Dear Readers: Aeqai offers several exciting exhibitions and columns for your interest.
Especially important are two career retrospectives

This month, Sue Spaid takes us to the MOCA Exhibition of the monumental career of Simone Forti, highlighting her cutting edge concepts and contributions on many fronts.
Jon Kamholtz walks us through Stewart Goldman: Cross Currents, a five decade retrospective at The Art Academy of CIncinnati. It is a celebration of Goldman’s search for vision in paint.

Experience Abstract Color Expressionism through the raw emotional lens of Robert Morris as he interprets the Way of the Cross through a series of abstract color meditations.
The back story: Morris is also the missing link in the wild and wonderful MainTraum exhibition In the Wake at Wash Park Art reviewed by Kevin Kelly for Aeqai in the August 2022 Aeqai post.

Bucky Ignatius takes us to Studio Kroner, covering the one-woman exhibit of Tracy Casagrande Clancy who transforms the gallery space with her searching for that interconnectedness of all things.

We are treated to several thought-threads about a powerful portrait with words and dates of our own Cincinnati Art Museum by Zohreh Zand. It will change what you see the next time when you look up.

We thank you our readership for your continuing interest and support of our mission.