Editor’s Comments Dec. 2023

Marlene Steele

Dear Readers

We at Aeqai conclude this year with a menu of reviews that we hope will entice your interest.

Sue Spaid covers the largest survey of Judy Chicago’s multi-movement activist career, including performance art, participatory art, feminist art, and figuration, on view at the New Museum through March 3, 2024. This mammoth endeavor, coupled with the Brooklyn Museum of Art’s permanent display of “The Dinner Party” positions Chicago’s work as one of the frontline feminist activists of our time.

“Strong Women of the Italian Renaissance” at the Boston Museum of Fine Art is a revealing portal in time, enabling us to see these women at their work, both in the public sphere and on the domestic front. Joelle Jameson walks us through this gallery.

Our writer Josh Beckelhimer takes us to Allison Katz’s first exhibition at Hauser & Wirth Gallery entitled “Westward, Ho!” This exhibition explores American iconography, often with dreamlike tongue in cheek pictorial wit.

We also visit the Art Gallery at UC Clermont Campus. Christina Wald exhibits her personal journaling and on site plein air sketching. You will experience her world view through her fresh and spontaneously executed renderings both here and afar.

Aeqai.org is undergoing a reorganizational period at this time. Your support of our mission and our coverage has sustained our efforts as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. During my time as editor, Aeqai has offered reviews of exhibitions in all fields of artistic expression bringing to light artists new and overlooked, celebrating their contributions and unique insights to our social and cultural successes and barriers. Coverage included painting, drawing, design and illustration, printmaking, photography, textiles, fashion and sculpture including Japanese paper sculpture and ceramics, and the occasional book review. We should also mention our coverage of art and performance institutions and leadership profiles.

As a writer, I have enjoyed interviewing artists and contributing columns on collections and museum exhibitions, painting, drawing and plein air sketching, illustration and weather graphics for the armed forces, calligraphy, lettering and photography. We have also reviewed new contemporary work as well as unique historical reviews such as Maintraum and recently The Collaborative Nature of Everything. This past year we have had more contributions reviewing national and even international exhibits from afar and more coverage of Woman-made art and design as well as African American painters, printmakers and photographers and social justice exhibitions.

We hope you enjoyed our offerings and furthermore that you undertook the effort to 

see the work for yourself.

We wish to thank our writers, our web technician, our supporters, and you, our readership for your continuing interest and support.

We hope to continue our mission in the near future. Our website Aeqai.org with its reviews and other writings will remain accessible. Feel free to contact me with your questions and concerns.  

Marlene Steele   Editor, Aeqai.org  2021-2024    

[email protected]