Editor’s comments. February Post 2023

Marlene Steele

While the Cincinnati Spring is even more of a rollercoaster ride than usual, Aeqai covers several exciting exhibitions for your avid interest.

Sue Spaid exposes our self concerns verses the well-being of plants at the Contemporary Art Center exhibition: “Ecologies of Elsewhere.” 

Mr. William Messer reviews the much anticipated “Georgia O’Keeffe—Photographer” exhibition at the Cincinnati Art Museum through the lens of a photographer’s eye.

Walk through “Ceramics in a Garden at the Krohn”, with Mr. Paquay, who is a master gardener and Sue Spaid, co-author. This unique ceramic exhibit is a joyful exhibition of spring in Cincinnati, and sets the stage for the NCECA conference being held in Cincinnati this year.

Helen Rindsberg takes us to the Dayton Art Institute for “Netsuke and the Art of Little Wonders”, a unique exhibition of Japanese wit in secret fashion accessories.

Cynthia Hoskin shares her insightful and stimulating conversation with Raphaela Platow and her vision for The Speed Museum of Louisville.

Josh Beckelhimer covers the inspiring paintings of Hailey Barker, whose paintings at the Night Gallery are capture the seasonal sensations of spring.

On another note: We at Aeqai kicked off our new year with “8 BUY 8” our successful fundraiser in support of the AEQAI platform. Read our article describing the enthusiastic reception from artists and the art-loving  public who support our mission of channeling Critical ART Dialogue for all.

We appreciate you, our readership, for your continuing interest and dedicated support.