Editor’s comments - September 2023

Marlene Steele

Welcome to Autumn. Nature changes its seasonal coat and the season of color is upon us.

In this post, we take you to the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas. Sue Spaid reviews Groundswell: Women of Land Art, couching her observations in recognition of neglected female pioneers in this modern field of land art expression.

Our writer, Josh Beckelhimer is always on the lookout and this month, he shares the vivid paintings of.Shara Hughes, who studied at Rhode Island School of Design and later at the Skowhegan School of Painting. Her exhibition “Light the Dark” features the artist’s lush invented imaginations of the natural world which are augmented with elements of symbolism and abstract expressionism.

Indian Hill Gallery celebrates the season of color with new art featuring Frank Herrmann’s unique Tree Trunk/Haiku paintings and Rob Robbins’ immersive forest views. Jon Kamholtz reviews the Autumn Annual and writes his response to these awarded painters and educators.

Saad Ghosn shares his rediscovery of Les Chants de Maldoror, the book reputed to be the cradle of the Surrealism movement, and Karel Demel, the contemporary Czech artist inspired to extensively illustrate it anew in his own drawing and printmaking techniques. This unique exhibition awaits you at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center’s Lindner Gallery.

Cynthia Kukla invites all of us, young and old, to enjoy the magic of Puppetry at the Visionaries + Voices Art Center in Northside. The Show of Hands Puppet Festival 2023 presents puppetry workshops through October 9th with Performances and public Exhibition of the imaginative innovations October 11 – 14, for all abilities and ages. Check it out!

We appreciate YOU, our readership and hope you enjoy this post. Thank you for your interest and continuing support!

Marlene Steele

Editor, Aeqai