A Competitive Annual Publication of Works of Contemporary Painting
$1000 in cash prizes

The International PAINTING Annual now continues into its third year!

The INPA is a complementary project to the ongoing award-winning International Drawing Annual (INDA) and the International Photography Annual (INPHA). The goal of the INPA is to support the recognition, documentation, and publication of excellent, current, and relevant works of painting from around the world. As carefully crafted books, the INPA, INDA, and INPHA projects enable Manifest to assemble a diverse array of works by international artists, without the limitation of physical availability, gallery space, or shipping logistics. With this Manifest leverages its considerable experience in publication design specifically for works of art, with a high level of sensitivity to the artist’s point of view.

The INPA 1 was released in 2011 and the INPA 2 is currently in production and scheduled to be released in late summer 2012. The two volumes together contain 247 works by 151 artists from around the world. (Learn more here: http://www.manifestgallery.org/inpa)

View the INPA 1 online resource with artists’ bios, statements, and thumbnails here: http://www.manifestgallery.org/inpa/inpa1

Manifest’s award winning and critically reviewed book and gallery projects have become highly competitive and prestigious events for artists to be involved with. And each new project brings different artists together, with new work, in new ways, and with always surprising results. Manifest’s books are designed and printed with the utmost care and attention to design integrity, making them exquisite documents of the art contained within. Both soft and hardcover versions of the INPA 3 will be printed and available mid-2013.

Submission deadline for entry: June 30, 2012
For details on how to enter visit: http://www.manifestgallery.org/inpa3


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