Manifest is an internationally recognized Cincinnati-based non-profit organization founded in 2004 by students and professors dedicated to creating high quality experiences of visual art through exhibition, publication, artist-support, and education.

CALL FOR PAINTING <<< (book project)

Deadline to Submit: June 30, 2013
For details and to enter visit:

A Competitive Annual Publication of Works of Contemporary Painting
(and/or writing about Painting)

$1000 in cash prizes

The International PAINTING Annual now continues into its fourth year! As a sister to Manifest’s other award-winning book projects the INPA is not a gallery exhibit and therefore does not require the shipment of artwork to Manifest. This is one among many reasons we offer this project, to open up an inclusive international spectrum otherwise not possible in a small gallery format.
A wide variety of approaches to painting are encouraged for submission, including a range of painting types, from the most academic to the most experimental, but all with some relevance to the artists’ honest understanding of the practice of “painting.” Works that challenge the common notion that painting must be made with ‘paint’ are also welcome.

Eligibility: The International PAINTING Annual is open to any artist submitting original works of art created in the years ranging from 2010 through 2013. Artists in ALL disciplines are encouraged to submit. Manifest is eager to receive works of painting in a wide range of applications with the qualification being that artwork submitted is representative of high quality “painting.”

Media: Open to any media applicable to the practice of painting including but by no means limited to traditional painting media. Printmaking, digital/new media, photography, sculpture, drawing, installation, etc., are all possibly valid.

Essays/Writing: (optional) INPA entrants may choose to submit either artwork, writing or both. With the inclusion of a call for writing about painting Manifest eagerly pursues a deeper understanding of how the practice is realized, discussed, and interpreted in our contemporary society. Written entries can be in any form (poetic, critical, historical, technical, philosophical) but should be directly relevant to the practice of painting and must be original works with proper citation for quoted material. Length of written entries should be limited to a max. of about 1500 words. Written submissions will be considered by a separate jury, independently of any specific artwork, and are not eligible for cash prizes.

Submission deadline for entry: June 30, 2013
For details on how to enter visit:

Manifest is a community-supported 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization.

Mission Statement:

Manifest stands for the quality presentation, experience, and documentation of the visual arts, engaging students, professionals, and the public from around the world through accessible world-class exhibits, studio programs, and publications.

Manifest’s 2012/2013 season is supported by the generosity of community contributions to the ArtsWave Campaign. It is also funded by the Johnson Foundation, The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, as well as many individual supporting members.

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