COLOR & RHYTHM at the Taft Museum of Art

  Cincinnati Artist Cedric Michael Cox is exploring selected pieces from the collection of the Taft Museum of Art in his a new series of acrylics, entitled “Color & Rhythm” currently exhibited on site. The Taft Museum, a National historic landmark, was built about 1820 and is considered one of the finest examples of Federal […]

2nd Letter from Lebanon: Voices from the 32nd Salon d’Automne

  Upon my recent return from Lebanon, I wrote a letter in the March aeqai in which I spoke of the prevailing creative energy I found there, a creative energy that permeates everyday life. In it I also gave a review of the art show “Sifr” by Lebano-Senegalese artist Hady Sy whose work focuses on […]

Nishiki Sugawara-Beda: Words Walking

Nishiki Sugawara-Beda uses painting to cultivate the visual power of written language as she examines the linguistic complexities of meaning. An avid traveler whose curiosity to explore the world began in her early twenties, she found that immersion in different cultures—from remote areas of Nepal to urban centers like Istanbul— became a major influence in […]

Sara Willadsen LESS GLOOM

Sara Willadsen’s Less Gloom opened at the Rockford University Art Gallery on March twentieth and closed on April twenty-second. I have admired Sara’s work from afar, through the byways of social media for some time now, and I just can’t stay away from it any more. I have admired the work without understanding it apparently. […]

Unique Vision Celebrated in Two Exhibitions: Otherwise: Keith Benjamin, Ben Clark, Richard Emry Nickolson at Thunder Sky Gallery Uncanny at Visionaries and Voices Gallery

The story of the founding of the Raymond Thunder Sky Gallery and Visions and Voices Gallery, both in Northside, is as compelling as the art that is featured in these spaces. Keith Banner and Bill Ross are the founders of both galleries; both of whom are visionaries, humanitarians, social workers and tireless supporters of art […]

Climax of the next scene, an Outsiders Exploration of Virtual Worlds

I’ve always had mixed feelings about video games. I am no gamer but I have spent my fair share of time crouched on the couch maneuvering cartoon characters on a track, adrenaline pumping and yelling obscenities at the screen. I’ve also sat near by and watched siblings, friends, and boyfriends spend hours speaking in what […]

The Enigmatic Visions of a Former Wine Merchant: Jean Dubuffet

What makes Jean Dubuffet’s art so captivating? Dubuffet Drawings, 1935-1962, which closed April 30 at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, offered insight into elusive qualities that vivify his work. The rawness characterizing Dubuffet’s oeuvre is especially palpable in his drawings. This medium’s immediacy seems ideal for embodying his characteristic roughhewn aesthetic. “I must learn […]

Zephyr Gallery: Project 17: Ritual Geography

Zephyr Gallery has a twenty year history in Louisville, moving from location to location as the community needs and sees fit. Project 17: Ritual Geography is part of an ongoing project started in 2014 by Zephyr. Their ongoing Project series is made up of curated proposal-based exhibitions as well as collaborations with universities, colleges, and […]

Growing Pains and Revolution at the MFAH: Ron Mueck and “Adiós Utopia”

I can barely get through a day in Houston—and even international art websites—without seeing Ron Mueck’s sideways head. An alumnus of Jim Henson’s creature shop and fastidious creator, Mueck depicts his uncanny, dead-eyed figures as larger than life, whether they fill an entire room or stand two feet tall. The 13 sculptures exhibited at the […]