Profile of Dennis Harrington

Dennis Harrington hasn’t used his artistic training to create much of his own art lately. He instead makes it his mission to optimize the artistic visions of others. The longtime director of The Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery is widely thought to curate some of the region’s finest shows. In 2015 the […]

Bukang Kim: The Completed Journey

All of the arts have been refreshed by waves of painters, writers, musicians and dancers, who fled their countries of origin between approximately 1933 and the present. Often called exile artists, writers from Nabokov to Kiran Desai, and painters from Max Ernst to Man Ray, from de Kooning and Mondrian to Gorky and Hans Hofmann, […]

Put a Bird on It: “Contemporary Narrative” at Clifton Cultural Arts Center

“Contemporary Narrative” is up through January 10, 2014 at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, and it’s worth a look just to wander through the big space and appreciate some easy-on-the-eye drawings, paintings, ceramics, and other pieces that really don’t seem to narrate a contemporary story as much as convey whimsical little vignettes across a rainbow […]

Letter from Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami, the most flamboyant art fair in North America ran December 3-7, 2014, at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  More than 70,000 people attended this 17th annual event, which features a curated collection of international galleries that specialize in cutting-edge contemporary art.  The art attracts collectors, art professionals, and celebrities who come to […]

Lexinton’s Murals and Public Art Scenes

Over the years, Lexington, Kentucky has come to appreciate the value of art placed in our public realm. It has been a coughing, sort of sputtering-to-life kind of affair. We have had successes and failures with projects like: Art-in-Motion, the Lexington Extraordinary Art Project, LexArts’ Outdoor Mural Project, the Legacy Trail Public Art Consortium’s Master […]

Letter From Italy: Christmas Past

We were in three cars, and two of them had missed a turn. It was foggy, it was dark, it didn’t seem like Italy although that was where we were. The American cell phone, incompatible with the English one, only accommodated text messages but those of us in the two lost cars communicated by the […]

Felix O. Eboigbe

“My artwork is personal.  It is food for your soul,” said Felix O. Eboigbe, a local sculptor still showing his artwork nationally at age 70. Originally from Nigeria in West Africa, Eboigbe grew up in the small town of Aba where he attended a Catholic private school, Princess Day School.  At age seven, he knew […]

Clay Street Press: Cincinnati Portfolio I-IV At The Carnegie

Mark Patsfall started the Clay Street Press in 1981 as a printer of small edition art prints produced in a variety of media—etching, screen printing, lithography and woodcut. Clay Street has worked with published artists from the region, nationally and internationally. Most recently Clay Street has been engaged in printing Jay Bolotin’s latest portfolio of […]