Tania Candiani: Sounding Labor, Silent Bodies at the Contemporary Arts Center

I walked into the second floor gallery just as the choir began imitating the sound of pigs being slaughtered. “Four Industries,” the mesmerizing centerpiece of Mexico City-based artist Tania Candiani’s exhibition Sounding Labor, Silent Bodies at the Contemporary Arts Center, is a three-channel video installation in which an a cappella women’s choir mimics the sounds […]

Slim Aarons, Twenty20 (Miller Gallery Pop-Up shop)

For decades, from the 1950s through 1970s, Slim Aarons (1916-2006) recorded the lives of the “rich and famous” He caught them at their favorite watering holes: Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, Park Avenue, Capri, Gstaad, the French and Italian rivieras. You name it and he was there. He was a documentary photographer as sure as Walker […]

Survey of a Century of Cincinnati Art

Cincinnati Art Galleries is on the bandwagon of regionalism with its current offering entitled: Panorama of Cincinnati Art 2020. The Queen City stands out historically in the Midwest region as a hotbed of art, music and culture. In the fine art field, the confluence of collecting, commissioning, and teaching legacies resulted in supporting a flourishing […]

Top 10 Los Angeles Exhibitions of 2020

Little need be said about the strangeness of 2020: A year inundated with historic events has brought to a standstill the customs and contact that once defined our lives. In March, as the reality of the pandemic set into Los Angeles, museums and galleries closed with the lockdowns, leaving in their wake a slew of […]

Best Fiction of 2020

2020 was a terrible year for most of us, between a rampaging and terrifying pandemic and a bizarre election that tested the very limits of democracy, but it was a splendid year for fiction.  I’m offering my annual “best fiction of 2020” list this year, as I have for decades now.  My list is very […]

Fotofolio: Marcella Hackbardt

“My Rooms” Marcella’s statement and bio: In this body of work, My Rooms, I construct photographs that evoke a place and a persona, introducing and investigating the tension between narrative incompleteness and unfamiliar settings. From underground industrial rooms, to minimalist residences and collage-based fictional “spaces,” the juxtaposition with the figure orients and disorients readings of […]

Art Galleries at Area Universities Offer Varying Experiences

I talked with several directors of art galleries at area universities.  Kitty Uetz, MFA, has been director of Xavier University Art Gallery since 1997.  It is located at 1658 Musketeer Drive on the first floor of the A.B. Cohen Center.  It consists of two exhibition spaces totaling 1,700 square feet.   The Art Gallery functions as […]

“Ma and What Now My Friend?” at Aicon Gallery, NYC

Mequitta Ahuja first gained serious traction in the art world for her self-portraits, a deceivingly straightforward genre whose many contradictions she skillfully exposed. Where most male artists immortalized themselves however they pleased – Rembrandt loved to dress up, and Albrecht Dürer assumed a pose which, in his time, was thought fit only for Christ himself […]