Releasing The Veil

by Kevin Muente Recent Paintings by Jason John at Manifest Gallery Manifest Gallery is entering its tenth season in Cincinnati and its reputation continues to grow both nationally and internationally.  Their website states that Jason John’s solo show of eleven works was one of six proposals selected from a pool of 165. John delivers. When […]

Comics: Art Imitates Art Which Imitates Art

by Danelle Cheney Comic books firmly straddle the space between visual art and literature. They are unique in format: the visuals are just as important to understanding the story as the words (unlike a traditional book, which may be republished several times with differing sets of illustrations). There are even some which include absolutely no […]

Burn Baby Burn

by Julie Gross It all started with a Facebook post that read, “Buy or Burn: A one-night, solo art show like none other. All of Joshua Huettig’s paintings must be bought or they will be burned. There will be dancing, fire, music and wine will be served by the gallon!” When I first read this, […]

Layer by Layer: Eric Standley’s CUT at Marta Hewett Gallery

by Shawn Daniell CUT: Windows to Eternity, the newest exhibition at the Marta Hewett Gallery, features the artwork of Eric Standley. When I first saw Standley’s artwork, I immediately thought of the matryoshka doll, commonly referred to as Russian nesting dolls. Russian nesting dolls are made of wood while Standley’s creations are made of laser […]

Cupid Visits Miller Gallery

by Marlene Steele Life is a box of chocolates— You never know what you are going to get. Love letters, love birds, bottled passion and romance — this lighthearted look at the thread of romance in all phases of life and experience is as varied in message and medium as the artists selected to exhibit. […]

The Centrality of Art Within the Art Industry

by Daniel Brown We are regularly informed that the arts have become big business; the investment potential of a work of art has become far more important in late capitalist culture than whether the art is any good, what it says, how it’s made, or whether it matters.  It may surprise people under 50 that […]

Letter from Chicago

by Christopher Hoeting The College Art Association just wrapped up its annual meeting at the Westin Hotel (February 12-15th) inside Chicago’s Loop, just six blocks south from of The Art Institute of Chicago. The conference highlights the academies offering of artist talks, panel discussions, workshops, interviewing sessions, and a book fair among other things. Or […]