“Pop Supernatural” at The Weston Art Gallery

On view through April 5th at the Weston is an exhibition by a Cincinnati native and current New York dweller, Todd Pavlisko. Pavlisko’s “Pop Supernatural,” is – as you might guess – guided by conversations with popular culture. The Weston’s two floors organize the exhibition. The entrance level floor holds a few different threads, while […]

Where The Sidewalk Begins

In the midst of Downtown Cincinnati, there is a much beloved architecturally and historically significant building celebrating its 200th birthday. With the exception of a few other early American and European Colonial and Native American structures on this continent, most have not survived and even fewer in this region of our country. Cincinnati was founded […]


By Sara M. Vance Waddell Edited by Michelle Vance Waddell There have been numerous women pioneers that have made strides for themselves and their gender over the years to garner equality. One significant stride occurred 100 years ago this year, the passage of the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women the right to vote. Finally, women thought, […]

Craig Britton, Ruth’s Parkside Café, through March 1, 2020

At Ruth’s Parkside Café, a popular eatery in Northside (try the salmon), co-owner David Tape continues his commitment to showing local artists. He’s be Born in Chicago in 1955 and reared there and in the Kansas City area, Britton2  realized he wanted to be an artist when he saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. […]


Two exciting artists are exhibiting at Caza Sikes Gallery in Oakley and their work is well married in a number of ways.  Jan Wiesner continues her series of female fables and environmental heroines. Tom Towhey displays a variety of colorful fantasy paintings that merge his environments with his love of gardening. Typically of Towhey, surprising […]

Along the Line Holland Davidson at the Indian Hill Gallery

Holland Davidson’s paintings have a compulsive quality; it is as if she cannot not help but paint them and we cannot help but try to fathom the intricate patterns and unsettling images that fill each canvas.  Davidson’s work is on view at Indian Hill Gallery in “Along the Line,” a show that features sixteen large […]


Carolyn Shine, who died late last year at the age of 101,  lived a life illuminated by visual arts and illuminated those arts for others. She was my colleague at the Cincinnati Art Museum, my friend before that, and always an example of life lived well. A Cincinnatian by birth, Carolyn’s home from the beginning […]

Two Photographers: A Personal Appreciation Part One

In the autumn of 2019, two giants of American photographic arts died, a mere seven days apart from each other. They were close friends and neighbors in the New York of the ‘50s, at one time even working together on the same project (a film). Both were Jewish, and deeply humanistic, and both had children […]