Going Home: “And the Presence of Light” at the Weston Gallery

The new installation at the Weston Gallery called “And the Presence of Light” by Oberlin, OH based artist Johnny Coleman is inspired by the story of 4 year old Lee Howard Dobbins, an adopted child and fugitive slave who died in Oberlin on route to Canada, and freedom, in 1853. He contracted tuberculosis while traveling […]

SOS Art Retrospective: 2016-2020

For their annual SOS ART 2021, the Kennedy Heights Arts center is presenting a retrospective of the past five years of SOS shows.  In a nutshell, SOS ART showcases artists who work for change, and who advocate for peace and justice with their work.  This five year retrospective includes eighty nine local artists who fall […]

Cincinnati Art Galleries Continues Its Longstanding Tradition of Panorama

There are many longstanding traditions in Cincinnati.  Panorama of Cincinnati Art is one of them. Randy and Michele Sandler opened Cincinnati Art Galleries in 1983 at 225 E. 6th Street in downtown Cincinnati.    It was the beginning of an establishment of a gallery dedicated to the sale of American and European paintings with particular attention […]

Fotofolio: Glenna Jennings

“At Table” (2005-ongoing) Glenna’s statement and bio: Place and Space are consistent themes in my work, which ranges from documentary and constructed photography to socially-engaged art, curating and writing. Whether documenting interactions along the U.S-Mexico border or transformations within my own backyard, I strive to create or enter spaces where History intermingles with Memory. This […]

Spelunking Through “Substrata” at EPOCH Gallery

The entryway to “Substrata” at EPOCH Gallery consigns you to a steep snowy slope several yards from a building appearing as a futuristic ski lodge.  At your every pause, you find yourself revolving, as though involuntarily attached to the axis of a slow-moving carousel.  Turn around and see a white sun glowing in the haze, […]

An Exhibition of Two Textile Artists Carolyn Mazloomi :“A Piece if My Mind” and Heather Jones: “A Sense of Place” January 30 – February 27, 2021 Alice and Harris Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Every human being in the world has a “cradle to grave” relationship with textiles.” These words by Carolyn Mazloomi contextualize her choice of quilts as her chosen art medium and it contextualizes our response to the show.  We arrive to view this exhibit clothed; we are ready. Mazloomi came to quilting from a unique position.  […]

Lights, Camera and Memes – Art in the Age of Digital Immediacy

The Night Gallery is a gem within the maze of LA’s Industrial District. “Headlines” by Derek Boshier and “Screen Time” by Luke Murphy and Christine Wang are two exhibitions on view (by appointment) through March 13. This review will focus on the latter but the juxtaposition of the shows is worth noting. Both seek to […]