Angela Teng’s “To Have and to Hold” at Equinox Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Angela Teng’s To Have and to Hold opened on the 13th of May at Equinox Gallery, Vancouver, BC, and closed on the 17th of June. Teng’s monolithic crocheted paintings are composed of literal strands of acrylic paint, effectively colliding materiality and paint in the substrate of work that historically, and in many contemporary contexts too, […]

Unruly Currents: Tony DeVarco and Mayako Nakamura at the Marta Hewett Gallery

For all the distance between them, Tony DeVarco and Mayako Nakamura have uncanny aesthetic affinities. Both revere the cycles and surprises of the natural environment; both attempt, in the same visual plane, to capture fluid forms and the emotions they evoke; both frame the viewer’s experience as a creative act rather than one of static […]

“Bookworks,” the 18th Annual Cincinnati Book Arts Society exhibition, through September 3, 2017, The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Main Library Atrium

For aeqai I reviewed two earlier editions of “Bookworks” (2013 1 and August 2016 2),  Like its predecessors, the 18th Annual Cincinnati Book Arts Society (CBAS) 3 exhibition covers a lot of aesthetic ground trying to demonstrate the diversity of how artists interpret the Platonic idea of book. There are conventional volumes and sculptural objects that may only allude to that idea. There are […]

You might not like your reflection in “Windows on Death Row”

A dialogue: that’s what the gallery attendant at the University of Houston-Downtown O’Kane Gallery told us is the goal of “Windows on Death Row,” an exhibition of inmates’ art and political cartoons that has been touring the U.S. and Europe since October, 2015. Founded by married couple Patrick Chappatte, an editorial cartoonist for the International […]

What I Did on Summer Vacation

Our plan: a couple of quick museum visits and a fair amount of relaxation, reading and restaurants, but, plans go awry as there is much, much more going on in the Berkshires than James Taylor at Tanglewood. First of all, the Berkshires really are beautiful—mountainous on a human and green scale, lovely lakes and picturesque […]

Fotofolio – Charlotte Niel

“Second Hand” Charlotte’s statement: Julie Winokur wrote in her essay Slow Down, Aging Ahead that “everyone wants to live a long time but no one wants to grow old.”  The passage of time, how we attempt to control it, what we do to preserve it and its impact are themes I am interested in capturing […]

Wash Park Gallery Review

In a neighborly gesture, Wash Park Art at 1215 Elm Street welcomes the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company to its new location half a block away with “Midsummer Dreams,” a show inspired by the Company’s first offering there, Midsummer Night’s Dream. More than a dozen artists, many with Cincinnati ties, are represented in this engaging exhibition. The […]

Jonathan Monk's "Perfectly Concocted Context" at Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles

Paradoxically, Jonathan Monk’s show at Cherry and Martin exists simultaneously as a well-curated group show and Monk’s single-authored conceptual installation. Surprisingly, instead of leeching all significance from its constituents, the show embodies its title, “Perfectly Concocted Context.” Individual artworks are shown to advantage while uniting to form a more meaningful whole that resounds their spirit […]

99 Cents or Less // MOCAD

It’s such a shame when bad exhibitions happen in great museums. I have a fondness for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit. If you aren’t familiar, the MOCAD is a 22,000 square foot space that was built, or rather assembled, in the early 2000’s within the walls of an old car dealership—a poetic placement […]