Meditations on Emptiness: Francis Upritchard’s, “A Long Wait”, at the CAC

By: Maria Seda-Reeder The Zaha Hadid designed Lois and Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art, with its intermittently soaring and squatting ceilings and massive concrete pillars, has been notoriously challenging for artists and curators alike. Fortunately, the two current exhibitions on the second floor, Jannis Varelas’ “Sleep My Sheep Sleep” and Francis Upritchard’s “A Long […]

Geometrically Ordered Design: The Wholly Trinity

By: Dustin Pike “The triad is the form of the completion of all things.” -Nichomachus, Pythagorean philosopher This is my third article pertaining to the design field and again it is necessary to distinguish between art and design. Design in essence cannot be accomplished without specific degrees of control, and almost always has a definitive point […]

Strength in Relief, Mary Woodworth Provosty at U.C. Clermont

By: Fran Watson Photographs courtesy of Eric R Greiner This may be prejudice, but print shows are always elegant to me.  It might be the stark, bravado of good line on fine paper, or the iteration of symbols, or even the sinuous curls and aggressive exclamations of straight lines reminiscent of the waning popularity of […]

The Lloyd Library presents: “View, Ways of Seeing”

By: Laura A. Partridge In its history, Cincinnati has managed to accumulate a number of hidden gems. The Lloyd Library is one of them. The Lloyd is a private library that was incorporated in the late 1800s, and is located at Plum and Court streets. The collection has lived in a few different spaces as […]

Full of Color: Suzanne Fisher at The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center

By: Karen S. Chambers When you walk into Suzanne Fisher’s exhibition at The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center (one of six shows presented under the rubric “Full of Color”), you enter a world of wonder. In fact, if Fisher had given her show its own title, it would have been “Natural Wonders.” At the […]

The Value of Criticism: “Flora and Fauna”, Bromwell’s Gallery

By: Amanda Dalla Villa Adams Photographs courtesy of Eric R Greiner Faced with the end of modernism, art historian Hal Foster attempted to define the role of the critic within post-modern art in “Re:  Post” (1982).  Ultimately, he suggested that postmodernism allows art to go “beyond the limits of critique,” because there is no longer […]

The Thompson House Shooting Gallery Offers New Opportunities for Emerging Artists

By: Shawn Daniell As an emerging artist in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, you may be asking yourself what your options are when it comes to gallery spaces that will showcase your artwork. The Thompson House in Newport, Kentucky and the former location of the Southgate House offers up a new option for […]

Some Alternative Films at Venues in and Around Cincinnati

By: David Schloss The best films I saw in the Cincinnati area in April were in the annual Tournees Francaise series at NKU, plus one at the Carnegie through Cincinnati World Cinema. The Tournee presents the best of recent French cinema that hasn’t played commercially here. Five films played twice each week at the new […]