Profile of Stewart Goldman

Stewart Goldman’s career has shown many variations during more than 50 years of painting and drawing. Through it all, color has driven his art. Perhaps a bigger force behind his creations, although not always as obvious, have been absences, or memories of things that no longer are. It’s interesting that absence has such a large […]

“Beyond Pop: A Tom Wesselmann Retrospective” at the Cincinnati Art Museum

I was invited to attend the Founder’s Opening of “Beyond Pop: A Tom Wesselmann Retrospective” at the Cincinnati Art Museum, which for me, felt like both a homecoming and a reunion. It was heartwarming to see the hometown museum of one of the greatest masters of Twentieth Century Art celebrate the dedication and achievement of […]

Wesselmann and Women

To a millennial, the term ‘Feminist’ has negative connotations; it brings up images of Birkenstocks, short hair, and radical views that make most conservative Midwesterners cringe. I’ve never considered myself a feminist but after seeing Tom Wesselmann’s work at the Carl Solway Gallery I have no choice but to lump myself into the category.  The […]

“Two Buckeyes: Fritz Dreisbach and Paul Marioni,” Atmosphere@Neusole

The Neusole Glassworks has moved from Walnut Hills to Forest Park, from a neighborhood where police crime scene tape and chalk outlines are common to a verdant college-campus-like industrial park. The building, which houses facilities for glassblowing, glass fusing, and lampworking, is smaller than the East McMillan location, but feels much larger with the open […]

Face First, Extremities, and Losing Your Head at Manifest Gallery

Through a multi-dimensional compilation of works, Manifest Gallery presents a topically divided but conceptually supportive examination of the human form in three exhibitions.  Indulging in long pursued studies of humanity, the artists of Face First, Extremities, and Losing Your Head, give way to surprising and didactic work.   The technical achievements of some of the artists […]

Mark Hanavan: Alone Together Expressions of Estrangement in the Technology World

Hanavan’s exhibit is titled and marketed to make a statement connecting  the concept of self with the virtual self of social media and internet technologies. While the constant comment of Twitter, FB, the image clutter of Instagram and other technologies teeter on the edge of the diluvial, the virtual technological presence is not without its […]


COLUMBUS – Any time you can bask in the presence of 19 superb works by Pablo Picasso within 111 miles of Fountain Square, you should do it. To say nothing of 19 generally better pieces by Alberto Giacometti, 14 very nice works by Jean Dubuffet and an excellent sculpture of a 14-year-old female ballet dancer […]

What makes Cincinnati Union Terminal an architectural icon?

Cincinnatians have heard a lot lately about saving our architectural icons, namely Cincinnati Union Terminal and Music Hall.  A number of people have asked me who and what determines an icon?  These are fascinating questions, and I have given them some thought and scholarly inquiry, which I share here with our readers.  My Merriman-Webster dictionary […]