Clavilux: Paintings by Cedric Michael Cox at Cincinnati Art Underground

In his most characteristic paintings, Cedric Cox fractures the world in order to bring it to a new whole.  The recent work of this gifted local artist is on display in a solo exhibition at the Cincinnati Art Underground through January 13, 2018.  The exhibit includes twelve large canvases and several smaller works.  Cox completed […]

The Affect of Serenity: “Table of Elements”

Charles Woodman is a multifaceted new media artist, whose work spans the semblance of public art forums, temporal installations, documentary modes, and multi-channel projections. As an educator, curator, and creator whose work occupies multiple disciplines, Mr. Woodman has crafted a diverse aesthetic, motivated by an amalgamation of experimental and avant-garde video artists, sculptors/installation artists, and […]

Defiant Couplings: "Bridges Not Walls" at the Art Academy of Cincinnati

Even as the US federal government renounces Obama-era efforts to improve relations with Cuba, the Art Academy of Cincinnati is displaying the results of several years of artistic collaboration between the two countries. That collaboration began in 2015 when M. Katherine Hurley and Jens G. Rosenkrantz, Jr. met with Manuel “Lolo” Alvarez, Ercadel “Sole” Sanchez, […]

Fotofolio: Luc Busquin

“Atop the Troposphere” Luc’s statement: Inspired by Saint-Exupéry books [‘The Little Prince’], I chose to become an airline pilot. From 1926 until his death in a plane crash in 1943, Saint-Exupéry experienced the world from above, over longer times and distances than others before him. His novels and memoirs are replete with descriptions of mountains, […]

RE-ART: Celebrating 70 years of Israeli Independence

Imagine what happens if you combine five artists from Netanya, Israel, five artists from Cincinnati, Ohio, a fanciful algorithm and a common theme exploring The Many Faces of Israel? With many little leaps of faith, this collaboration made possible by internet partnerships, results in an extraordinary exhibition of 70 works of art celebrating 70 years […]

“Shasta Geaux Pop” – an intersection of Hip Hop and performance

Grab a drink. Come in, enjoy the music. The lights are low but the energy is high. The DJ is playing ‘Hot in Herre’ by Nelly. You haven’t heard it in years. People are dancing and the air is getting heavy. Colored strobes make patterns across the walls and illuminate pockets of moving bodies. Just […]

“Yes!” at Cincinnati Art Galleries

Those who missed the engaging exhibition “Yes!” at Cincinnati Art Galleries, 225 East 6th Street in downtown Cincinnati (October 27 through November 25) are not wholly out of luck as it consisted of recent pieces by fifteen Gallery artists, whose work can often be seen in the spacious exhibition area there, although not so fully […]

Miniature Boxes:  From Craft to Fine Art

People often think of miniatures as little more than dollhouses.  They can be a fresh and contemporary way to look at the world and have moved away from the purview of the artisan or craftsman into the fine arts. Robert Off, a local miniaturist, turned to miniature boxes when he retired from the real estate […]