Cincinnati’s SHINJI TURNER-YAMAMOTO WINS 2011 ARTPRIZE INTERNATIONAL JURIED AWARD SITE: LAB + U OF M SCHOOL OF ART AND DESIGN RECOGNIZED AS OUTSTANDING VENUE DISAPPEARANCES Uses 350 Million-Year-Old Fossils To Comment On Interconnectedness Of Life Across Time DISAPPEARANCES – an eternal journey 2 East Fulton Street, 2nd floor, Grand Rapids, MI, USA 21 September – […]

Two Projects, One Deadline: October 26 (The MANIFEST PRIZE and TAPPED)

MANIFEST GALLERY CALLS FOR ENTRY TWO SEPARATE PROJECTS: DEADLINE October 26, 2011 ONE.2 The Manifest Prize CASH PRIZE! Plus solo exhibit at Manifest for the jury-selected prize-winning work. Full-color catalog produced, including winner plus five semi-finalists. Postmark Deadline for Entry: October 26, 2011 The Manifest Prize was launched in 2010 as an annual offering. The […]

Curious George

“A Fine Line” at Malton Gallery Richard Allan George might be one of the most remarkable painters that you’ve never heard of. Born in Chicago in 1935, Richard George spent three years at the Art Students League under the tutelage of the legendary Frank Reilly before going on to graduate studies at Miami University. Later […]

Epic Miniatures: Contemporary Pakistani Miniaturist Techniques

The Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art is on a roll.  Coming off the success of their Keith Haring exhibition, Realms of Intimacy:  Miniaturist Practice from Pakistan, is yet another visually compelling and conceptually astute exhibition.  Close reading of the title no doubt echoes curator Justine Ludwig’s major point:  the traditional practice of […]

Remembering Thom at Art Beyond Boundaries

In 1973 the art critic of the Cincinnati Post wrote that Thom Shaw “a young Cincinnatian, Art Academy trained, is possessed of a powerful line and sense of balance within his works.” An exhibition of Shaw’s black and white masonite block prints was at the Miller Gallery, then on Edwards Road. I was the art […]

Carmel Buckley’s Universe

Carmel Buckley’s slice of the universe is filled with sheer unlimited creativity, topped, like the traditional cherry on a sundae, with surprises, as if the universe were not enough. With a twist of wire, a dollop of clay, and a few well-used found objects, her sculptures blossom with curious freshness and  drawings and prints become […]

Letter from New York: Maps and Legends

This is the first in a series of a quarterly letters, which will cover painting shows in greater New York If you want to experience the New York art scene from afar, watch James Kalm’s videos. Kalm tirelessly travels the city documenting art openings and exhibitions from Manhattan to Brooklyn.  His videos are a selective, […]

Lynne Ambrosini, Chief Curator, The Taft Museum

Bequeathed to the people of Cincinnati in 1927, along with its collections, the Taft Museum of Art opened in 1932. Once the home of Nicholas Longworth and then Charles Phelps Taft, the house was originally finished in 1820 by Martin Baum, Cincinnati’s first millionaire and founder of the Miami Exporting Company, which in 1803 became […]

Stupid on Purpose: “Peter Saul: Print Retrospective, 1966-2011”

Like doodles scribbled on the edges of homework, Peter Saul’s exquisitely moronic pictures (on display mostly in lithographic form at Carl Solway Gallery through December 22, 2011) have a rote yet somehow ominous quality, a blurry merger of the popular and profane.  While seeming to be birthed from boredom and cynicism like punk rock, they […]

The Miller Gallery presents Contemporary Realism

Currently on display at the Miller Gallery on Hyde Park Square, is an exhibition featuring 25 artists whose work offers outstanding examples of contemporary realist painting. A movement towards figurative painting among artists has accelerated in the past five to eight years. Whether artists are painting portraits, interiors or still lifes, the work is incredibly […]