Performing Masks: Gillian Wearing at Cincinnati Art Museum

Masks serve multiple metaphorical and social functions in the world. In ancient Rome, wax masks were cast directly from the faces of the dead, preserving the countenance beyond the life of the body. Ritual societies often employ masks spiritually, transforming the wearer into a being from the spirit world as part of a rite of […]

Preservation Par Excellence: Union Terminal Restored For Posterity

One of America’s most architecturally significant buildings will be reopening in November after a substantial $230 million restoration by GBBN Architects: Cincinnati’s Union Terminal.   Completed in 1933 at the height of the Great Depression, this Art Deco palatial masterpiece was dedicated to passenger railroad transportation and travel at a scale in size and exquisiteness, with […]

Karon Davis' "Muddy Water" Immerses Gallery Visitors in Flood Victims' Distress

Karon Davis’ sculpture installation at Wilding Cran Gallery transports you into an eerie dreamlike flooded world where time has been suspended and all that remains is a melancholy sense of emptiness tinged with despair. This show’s simple evocative atmosphere poignantly distills disaster victims’ sorrows and black Americans’ larger struggles. A recent evacuee from devastating California […]


Maren Hassinger’s “Interlock” sculpture looks like a coiled stretch of rope hanging on the wall, its frayed ends a tangle of strands. As first encountered when entering the galleries for The Spirit of Things, her compact career retrospective at the Baltimore Museum of Art, it looks like something you might be able to lift off […]

GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World

Cincinnati Museum Center is the current host of The National Guitar Museum’s traveling exhibit designed as an ‘all ages’  display and interactive experience.  With a dual focus on the science as well as the culture of fretted instrument evolution, visitors can touch family friendly displays of the physics of string vibration as well as magnetic […]

Hubbs Review

As a genre, portraiture is fraught territory. The intertwining of concerns, recognition and identification, or representation in its social and cultural complexities, is always going to make for a rough ground to tread upon—to summon Wittgenstein. As old as the genre of portraiture is, and as carefully considered its forms have been, the difficulty, the […]

New World Refugees and Immigrants Photograph the Experience of a New Life in America

University of Cincinnati Clermont College Park National Bank Art Gallery September 4 – October 31, 2018 Park National Bank Art Gallery September 4 – October 31, 2018 Artists: Luke Kellett, Sadiq Onanuga, Bhim Rai, Bhimla Rai, and Lourdes Santos Curator: Kent Krugh nor·mal /ˈnôrməl/ adjective:  conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. Upon stepping […]

“Jewish Cincinnati: A Photographic History” J. Miles Wolf’s Exhibit at The Skirball Museum Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion

Local photographer J. Miles Wolf delivered several unique facets in his exhibit “Jewish Cincinnati:  A Photographic History” at Cincinnati Skirball Museum on the campus of Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, running from October 11, 2018 to January 6, 2019. Early days of Jewish congregational life in Cincinnati are depicted in a style […]

Profile of Robert Flischel

Robert Flischel is someone who can’t get enough of looking.  He speaks of seeing abstraction in porches, in tool heads, in 300-year-old pavement – “all the lines” – and says he learned long ago that “the body is an abstract composition.”  He talks of “the series of lines that work underneath the picture’s composition within […]