The Bent and Biologized Bodies of Oktay Ince’s Breakages

In my home country, Turkey, the amorphous term “terrorist” has adopted folk-lore speculative projections: from a baklava magnate to journalist dissenters and high school teachers, from professors to artists, the unpredictability of being labeled a “terrorist” blankets all such dissenters who dare problematize the ruling AK Party/President Erdoğan. One such case is that of Oktay […]


Intersectionality, a deconstructionist critical theory that attempts to identify how different aspects of political and social discrimination overlap and impact marginalized members of our society, is a term that was coined by black feminist scholar, Kimberle’ Williams Crenshaw in 1989. It includes various forms of social stratification, such as class, race, sexual orientation, age, religion, […]

“Emanate”: Light, Time and Art

Through October 10-13, the city will roll out the massive, citywide light-based art spectacle BLINK for the second time after a successful first go around in 2017. The outdoor festival, however, isn’t the only attraction that people should gravitate toward to view interesting light-based work. It’s perhaps appropriate that the smaller exhibition, “Emanate,” is featured […]

On Posthuman Ecology and Affective Omnicide: Eros as Excess and Misguided Solution-Building

On September 4th, I eagerly trekked to the Brooklyn gallery Art in General in order to attend the opening reception of Caitlin Berrigan’s highly anticipated exhibition, “Imaginary Explosion” (running from September 4 through November 11, 2019). Berrigan, a young artist who has recently graduated from MIT’s video art program, and is currently pursuing a PhD-in-Practice […]

Fotofolio: Raul Canibano

Selections from “Tierra Guajira”, “Sunset”, and “Foto Ciudad” About Raul: Raúl Cañibano Ercilla is based in Havana as an advertising photographer. Born in 1961, his work focuses on people and demonstrates the vitality of modern-day Cuban photography. He has exhibited worldwide and won a major prize in Cuba for a project on the life of […]


FRoNKenstein, iconoclastic artist Robert Fronk’s current show, is a diverse sampling of the many avenues down which Fronk’s talents and inclination have taken him.  The show combines stained glass works which have been painstakingly re-assembled to create new holy/profane images, industrial found object science fiction and fantasy sculptures, and exquisite oil paintings which layer cultural […]

First Edition: A Celebration of the Medium of Printmaking, 1628

It would be difficult to write about artwork being shown at 1628 without a nod first to the space itself. The gallery situated in the 1628 Co-working space is unlike more traditional galleries in that artwork is in direct relationship with those who utilize the space for more than merely viewing art.  The art informs […]

It’s From My Heart

Alice Weston, farewell: Working with Alice on her book “Remembering” registered deeply with me, as Alice was an elusive character to many. If I were to film her in a series, you would see an impassive expression with piercing eyes looking back at you, into you. Then would come a light in those eyes that […]

Carnegie Center for Art and History: New Albany, Indiana’s Hidden Gem

“It’s where art meets history.  Where the past finds the future.  Where creativity, community and culture collide in expected ways.  And, it’s where you make a difference.”  Those are the goals of the Carnegie Center for Art and History, located at 201 E. Spring St. in New Albany, Indiana, founded in 1813, with a population […]