Britni Bicknaver Channels Access and Atmosphere in Cinema of Memory

Britni Bicknaver has had a very busy year. The Cincinnati native has exhibited new works in group shows at the Weston Art Gallery (Cincinnati, OH) and The Carnegie (Covington, KY) through the spring and summer of 2019, before opening her solo show Cinema of Memory at Reverb Art + Design (Cincinnati, OH) on August 7. […]

Liminal Water: Weightless at the Miller Gallery

Weightless by Christy Lee Rogers Through September 7 The Miller Gallery 2715 Erie Ave Cincinnati, OH 45208 “What lifts you up?” asks the prompt for Christy Lee Rogers photography exhibit Weightless, which appears at Cincinnati’s Miller Gallery. It’s a question that met my curiosity with an initial skepticism, as it’s a question that could’ve have […]

“Moon Museum”: Celebrating Artistic Contributions to the Space Program

The moon, Earth’s singular satellite, has fascinated the earthbound human mind for thousands of years. The 50th anniversary of the successful 240,000 mile journey of American astronauts to the moon occurred in mid-July, 2019. Especially noted for the first steps on the lunar surface are native Ohioans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Their historic journey […]

Self-Improvement with Saya: A Cabinet of Anticipation at the Contemporary Arts Center

The idea that we can transform into our best self is a compelling one. According to, the “self-improvement” industry is booming to the tune of nearly $10 billion per year. Gurus from Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra to Marie Condo provide keys to clearing mind, soul and space to achieve personal, financial or spiritual […]

Profile of Jan Brown Checco and the recent exchange with Sister City Liuzhou, China

Jan Brown Checco’s pleasure in making art generously extends to all those who use art as the means of interpreting what they see. Most recently she’s been deeply involved in “The Great Cincinnati/Liuzhou Paint Out!” –  a week-long visit by eight artists from Liuzhou, China, partnering with Cincinnati artists to paint together in Eden Park […]

See Art in an Unusual Setting

A unique way to see art is to stop by a local coffee shop or restaurant. There are several in the Greater Cincinnati area that afford this opportunity. First stop on my tour was Awakenings Coffee Shop, owned by Ed Walter on Hyde Park Square.  Retired music business professional Stan Hertzman took over from previous […]

Ludlow Garage 50th Anniversary

Though the Ludlow Garage was only open for eighteen months, it has cast an outsized shadow upon the history of music in Cincinnati.  At a time when underground and what we would now call “DIY” rock clubs were at their height of popularity, the Ludlow Garage could book acts that normally played much larger venues […]


Call it a coincidence, call it fate. As the Cincinnati Art Museum is showcasing the stunning beauty of Japanese fashion, and its influence in modern designer’s aesthetics, in their new exhibit “Kimono: Refashioning Contemporary Style” (link to the kimono exhibit article new for this issue), across the globe a new voice in Asian luxury design […]

Dayton Art Institute: Monet and Impressionism

It may be difficult to reconcile the work of the Impressionists as they were the radical anti-establishment gang of late 19th and early 20th century. Bucolic gardens, resting women and serene waters are depicted with an atmospheric color palette and a painterly brushwork woven with each artist’s distinctive hand. Different from the French Academe, but […]

Fotofolio – Susan Goldstein

“Bending Time”, Antique photo collage, 2013-present Susan’s statement: The convergence of my passion for exploring the world and collecting old, discarded, often damaged objects, ephemera and antique photographs led to creating these collages. I occupy myself on road trips making traditional photographs, both digital and film based, while stopping along the way to explore antique […]