“The Magic Box” at BONFIRE Gallery in Seattle

In a corner of Seattle that sees a particularly diverse crowd, BONFIRE Gallery is a cultural whirl of activity. Shoko Zama and Joan (Thornbrugh) Laage dance Butoh in the shop windows to a varying line-up of musicians. Behind them are large, gilded canvases which reflect upon that which transpires in front of them, adding a […]

Letitia Quesenberry at Quappi Projects (((heat))) Louisville, Kentucky August 2nd – September 6th, 2019

Even the title of Letitia Quesenberry’s latest exhibition (((heat))) imitates her multiple approaches to creating glow.Through her adaptions of electric current, neon, lacquers and resins; Quesenberry reveals the multiplicity of truth through our evaluation of or understanding of visual or memorized perception using various approaches to abstraction as they relate to Op Art amongst others. […]

Elizabeth Gilbert’s “City of Girls”

Elizabeth Gilbert, whose “Eat Pray Love” was both highly acclaimed and highly popular, has returned with a terrific new novel, “City of Girls”, surprising in scope, depth, and acuity.  Partly an adventurous romp, this rite-of-passage novel about a nineteen year old, unfocused, seemingly spoiled upper middle class young women from small-town, Upstate New York becomes […]

Kathleen Alcott’s “When America Was Hard to Find”

Kathleen Alcott’s novel “When America Was Hard to Find” (the title comes from a poem made during the Vietnam war by Father Daniel Berrigan) is a tough, gritty novel that’s both riveting in  plot and brilliantly written.   Two sisters from a very affluent family have fled their controlled, controlling, upper-middle class background of privilege and […]

John Young’s “When the Coin is in the Air”

Cincinnati novelist John Young’s debut novel “When The Coin Is In The Air” is impressive.  Written in simple narrative prose, without fuss or mannered writing, the novel is the story (possibly autobiographical) of a young man growing up on a farm in small town in Indiana, who will end up living in Boston in this […]