Joseph Lorusso at the Miller Gallery

“I believe truly great art serves as a trigger into something deeper within all of us” Joseph Lorusso Nostalgic romance is alive and well at Miller Gallery in Hyde Park in the contemporary figurative work of Joseph Lorusso. Born of Italian descent in Chicago in 1966, Lorusso has been exposed to art from an early […]

Pedro Pedro and KATSU at The Hole in New York City

Over the past few weeks small galleries have opened while major museums remain closed. This is a blessing as well as a curse for the artists who get to exhibit their work again. On the one hand, they are sure to receive undivided attention from buyers and admirers eager to see what they came up […]

An Inside View of Physical Plants

“It’s complicated,” said David Linnenberg, chief administrative officer, Cincinnati Art Museum, of the physical plant and other departments which he manages.  Temperature has to be 70 degrees plus or minus and humidity has to be maintained at 45 degrees plus or minus 5 in order to keep artwork in compliance with industry standards.  Those sponsoring […]

Review of Four Novels

Everyone has tried to cope, in their own ways, with the surrealist world that COVID-19 has brought us; many people have had too much time on their hands while others are being torn in too many directions at the same time. Since I am someone with a compromised immune system, I’ve been home much of […]

“Pew” by Catherine Lacey

Catherine Lacey’s relatively slim novel “Pew” is also one of this year’s most fascinating, and most important, novels. In a relatively small Midwestern, all white city, the character who will be named “Pew” by those who find her/him sleeping in a church pew, appears out of nowhere.  “Pew” mostly doesn’t speak, or when they do, […]

“Want” by Lynn Steger Strong

As I’ve mentioned before in reviewing novels this year, the newly independent woman finding herself in New York has become a genre unto itself; the best example this year is “The Exhibition of Persephone Q”; the two women writers who’ve helped to establish this genre are the superbly gifted Mary Gaitskill and the always fascinating Ottessa […]