Public Art: Where It’s Headed, and Why It Matters to Cincinnati

Editor’s Note: Aeqai asked ArtWorks Executive Director Tamara Harkavy and Communications Director Christine Carli to let our readers know what ArtWorks’ plans for 2015 include, and their essay appears as the first piece in the Jan/Feb. aeqai. ArtWorks is an amazing phenomenon: Harkavy started it mainly as a jobs program for both inner city children […]

Word Image Image Word

“Writing’s just drawing in different apparel, and drawing is another way of writing.”—Jean Cocteau This Cocteau quote was the heart of a recent Word Image Image Word exhibition at the Art Academy. Curator Matt Hart, poet and chair of the Academy’s Liberal Arts Department, invited nationally and internationally known writers to participate by providing them […]

Max Unterhaslberger at Phyllis Weston Gallery

One senses a materiality trying to escape from these paintings. In some of them Unterhaslberger traps the work behind a clear acrylic screen by applying the paint, sometimes thickly, to the back of the acrylic leaving us to view a perfectly flat surface. Guessing at the dimension that lies beneath is joyful rather than mysterious. […]

Profile of Annie Bolling

If Annie Bolling and Beverley Lamb reach their highest aspiration for their 1,800-square-foot art gallery on Woodburn Avenue, the art they make will fill the entire 1.96 square miles of East Walnut Hills and Walnut Hills combined. And the greatest artwork produced by The Gallery Project they operate will be a combination of the art […]

Manifest Open Drawing Sessions: Works on Paper Pursuing the drawing question

Why draw? Brazee Street Studio gallery is where one can peruse the efforts of 10 dedicated participants in the Manifest Open Studio live model sessions. This small showing, presented casually with small bull clips pinned to the wall, exhibits a mixture of media and approaches from warmup exercises to statements considered in extended timeframes. The […]

Seeing Isn’t Believing: Exploring the Contemporary Arts Center’s “Unmade” exhibition featuring Anne Lindberg and Saskia Olde Wolbers

To commemorate Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center’s (CAC)’s 75th anniversary, the Steven Matijcio-curated exhibition “Unmade” dissolves vision and purpose, not only in the works displayed, but the 12-year-old landmark building in which they are housed. Zaha Hadid’s rough, angular architecture is obscured by the flux in dimensionality and reality created by artists Anne Lindberg’s and Saskia […]

“On the Road and Into the Woods,” Covington Arts, closed

Last fall the Covington Arts Center moved from its Seventh Street space to the corner of Pike and Madison. It was just a block but the difference is gargantuan. Overseen by Cate Becker, the gallery vacated a huge space that could easily accommodate 100 pieces. I’d also describe it as bordering on unmanageable, “bordering” because […]

East meets West: the Art of Frank Satogata

Hawaiian born of Japanese ancestry and raised stateside in Western culture, Frank Satogata’s solo exhibition at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center is evidence of his continuing search for visual language integrating the processes of both Eastern and Western arts. This show brings together designs and paintings using Zen Calligraphy and Abstract Expressionism and several examples […]

Greg Storer: A Noted Local Artist and Teacher

“When I was about five, I was introduced to art,” said Greg Storer, now 58.  “My father was a weekend painter using oils.”  Although Storer took art classes at Moeller High School, he said he didn’t gain much knowledge.  “I learned a lot on my own,” he added. However, he received a football scholarship from […]