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Doug and Mike Starn: Gravity of Light 
Extended Hours and Special Promotion
with Mt. Adams Pavilion

Now through December 30


at the Holy Cross Church at Mt. Adams Monastery
1055 St. Paul Place
Special Evening Hours the night before Thanksgiving
Wednesday, November 21
New Extended Evening Hours:
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays
Additional Hours:
Wednesdays & Sundays
Start your Thanksgiving festivities with a night out at the Mt. Adams Monastery for the “Gravity of Light” exhibition the night before Thanksgiving! We have extended our hours from 3-8pm on Wednesday. You can continue the merriment through December 30th. 

If you visit the Gravity of Light Exhibition at the Holy Cross Church at the Mt. Adams Monastery, you’ll find a coupon that you can redeem at the Mt. Adams Pavilion for drink specials and free cover. So after you see the Light, go light up the night in Mt. Adams on us and the Pavilion!

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“Doug and Mike Starn: Gravity of Light”
NOW through December 30, 2012
Holy Cross Church at the Mt. Adams Monastery

11/21 from 3-8pm

New Extended Evening Hours:

Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays; 3-8pm

Additional Hours:
Wednesdays & Sundays; noon-5pm

In Gravity of Light, an immersive installation by acclaimed contemporary artists Doug
and Mike Starn at the Holy Cross Church in Mount Adams, an arc light is the sole illumination.
Central to this off-site installation at the Mount Adams Monastery is an open arc lamp, which
burns like a candle with the brilliance and precise bright light that mimics the sun. Surrounding
the arc light are artworks from five intertwined photographic bodies of work at a monumental
scale whose subjects tell the story of how light is of dual character; it has power to both give
life and to destroy it. Towering over Gravity of Light is an image of the eighth-century Buddhist
monk Ganjin who, though blind, saw that black is filled with light: illumination comes from

Equal parts sculpture, scientific experiment, and photography, Gravity of Light suspends
the viewer in a chamber of sensorial and experiential discovery. Gravity of Light shows us we
are all conductors: absorbers and emitters of the universe’s energy.

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