The June issue of AEQAI presents the first of a new, and ongoing, essays by area artists, asked by AEQAI to select one work of art from the permanent collection of either the Cincinnati Art Museum or the Taft Museum, and to tell our readers why it is important to him or her. Painter Cole Carothers’ with selections of a painting by Gerhard Richter at CAM begins our new series. Concurrently, we continue a new series of videos of emerging area artists and/or junior or adjunct faculty teaching in area departments and/or academies. We welcome videographer Shawn Daniell Buckemeyer to AEQAI for this monthly series.

We feature Cynthia Hoskin’s profile of Cincinnati Doctor, Professor, and arts/peace and justice advocate Saad Ghosn, as well as a review of his annual S.O.S. art show. Last month’s AEQAI contained a review of his other recently curated exhibition, at the Covington Artist Enterprise Center. Although S.O.S. show closed June 5, we consider Ghosn, and the annual S.O.S. show to be so important that we review it after it is run. We welcome back critic Selena Reder with this review.

Our critic Keith Banner gives us two thoughtful reviews, of Aisle Gallery’s Joey Versoza show, and 1305 Main’s exhibition of new work by Jeff Casto. Jane Durrell reviews English artist Carl Fudge at Solway Gallery, and Maria Seda-Reeder gives thoughtful insights into CAM’s exhibiton of work by lent by or given to CAM from former CIncinnatian/current Hollywood producer Douglas S. Cramer.

New writer P.J. Grimm, currently a security guard at CAM (and editor Daniel Brown’s curatorial assistant) shares otherworldly, surrealistic-inspired insights as he wondered around CAM at night. We welcome Grimm to AEQAI as well.

And founding founding editor A.C. Frabetti interviews the five founders of U-turn art space, which closes permanently June 25, on goal achieved and thoughts on their high ideals in exhibiting art there for the past two years. We wish Matt Morris and Eric Ruschman much success on their journeys which take them to Chicago (and Zach in Philadelphia), and we will be eager to see that Morris byline nationally and internationally in a few years. The uber-gifted Morris’ impact on the visual art scene here–including writing for AEQAI–has been enormous, and we shall miss his multi-talented abilities as artist, curator, critic, and community leader.

Next month, Maureen Bloomfield, editor of The Artist’s Magazine, shares her insights into a work of art from the Taft Museum’s collection. Jane Durrell’s interview with CAM director Aaron Betsky on the first renovations to the CAM infrastructure will appear, along with curator of European paintings, sculpture, and drawings curator Benedict Leca’s first AEQAI column on curating. Karen Chambers will review an exhibition of the Tiffany windows found in a local church basement at the Taft Museum. Cynthia Hoskin’s profile of Cincinnati artist, collector, and patron Alice F. Weston will also appear. There’ll be more.

Let us know your thoughts on our articles on our new web site (designed by AEQAI writer Alan Pocaro) on issues, articles, and ideas. We need and value your input as we expand, and hope that you find June AEQAI ecclectic and informative.

Daniel Brown, Editor.

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